Home Painting Bay Area: Advantages of Using a Paintbrush

Home painting in the Bay Area is, in general, can be a big and time-consuming project. Most people are looking for ways to make the job a lot faster. Painting contractors are aware that time is money, so most use paint sprayers to get the job done quicker. They may use their paint sprayers or rent them.

For some smaller home projects like painting a bedroom or kitchen, painters choose a paint roller to make the work faster.

It may be a surprise for you to learn that there are advantages of using the good old paintbrush. Check out these benefits:

Paintbrush conserves paint

Contrary to its advantages, spray painting would only be advisable when you’re painting a large house. With relatively smaller homes, preparing spray equipment, masking areas that you don’t want to spray with paint, and cleaning up the equipment at the end of each use is a big job – therefore, it is still long enough to become an advantage.

Furthermore, if you live in a windy area, or if you happen to paint on a very windy day, the chances are that the use of a paint sprayer will cause a lot more trouble than expected. The fine mist from the paint sprayer would cause the paint to drift away somewhere else instead of landing on the surface you’re about to paint, which could mean more paint that’s wasted.

On the other hand, with brushing, you can conserve more paint, thus allowing you to cover the surfaces better. Even when you’re out painting on a very windy day, you won’t find such a brushing problem.

It allows you to paint smaller details and touch-ups

For areas and details that cannot be reached by a paint sprayer or roller, let the paintbrush do the work! Compared to a paint sprayer or roller, a paintbrush covers problems and complex areas (such as knots or cracks) of either interior or exterior surfaces.

Prep work is faster and more comfortable with brushing

Compared to a paint sprayer and roller, a paintbrush requires little prep work and quicker cleanup. Paint spraying requires masking up areas so that the mist of paint won’t land on them. Besides, there is no such thing as “cutting in” with a sprayer. As long as you have a steady hand, you can hand-paint around doors and windows without masking.

Brushwork is gratifying

The idea of dipping your paintbrush into a can of paint and then dabbing the paint onto the walls feels satisfying enough. Paint spraying calls for preparation, particularly a lot of masking. But by painting a house by hand, all you have to do is pop a can of paint open and start painting. Coverage is better when painting by hand, and more people are satisfied with the final results.

If you want to paint by hand but also want to make the work a bit faster, easier, and more efficient, you may choose to break up the project in sections. Preferably one section in a day, so that you can tackle it with ease and you won’t come out feeling tired, compared to doing the entire space in one go. Suppose you’re going to paint broader expanses. In that case, it is more practical to use a bigger paintbrush (measuring at least four inches) that will allow you to cover larger surfaces in half a time, compared to using a regular-sized paintbrush.

If you don’t want to bother doing the job yourself, you can hand it over to the pros, who have the skills and years of experience in using different paint applications. Home painting in the Bay Area contractors helps you in making your home look fresh and brand-new.