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Home Painting Danville – Use Paint to Make the Most of Your Foyer

Home Painting Danville – Use Paint to Make the Most of Your Foyer

Home Painting Danville

Your foyer is the first part of your home most people see. It is the entryway, the place where you welcome people, and the place that makes a first impression. Home painting your Danville house’s foyer can help you to make the most of the space.

Whether your foyer is large or small will determine, to a degree, how you want to redo it. Selecting colors that make the space seem an appropriate size – whether larger or smaller – is important. The size of the area can also help you decide whether you want to use a theme, or just paint. A larger area is more suited to a theme than a tiny space would be.

If you choose a theme, you can use something bold, since it is usually a fairly small area. Bright, bold colors are not an issue when a guest is not staying in the area for an extended time. If your entryway is large enough to include a bench or other seating, where guests might stay longer, a more muted theme may be a better choice.

When choosing a paint color for your foyer, remember that a semi gloss or glossy paint will be much easier to clean than a flat paint. The more traffic that goes through your foyer – especially when it’s primarily children – the more you will be likely to need to clean the walls. Choose your paint finish accordingly.

Small spaces will seem more spacious and open if you use lighter colors. The feel of the room will change according to its color. You can make the area have a fresh feel by using a soft mint or light powder blue color. Tan or gold, faint orange or light yellow will give the room a warm, welcoming feel. If you prefer a feminine touch to the room, use blush colors that have a light pink tinge.

Large spaces can be made to seem closer and cozier by using dark colors, possibly with a pattern or texture. These, too, can be divided into categories. Warm and welcoming colors include brick red, maroon, dark gold, or burgundy. Cooler colors that provide a sense of trust include navy blue and hunter green. Black can give the area a more modern feel, and can change easily based on accessories or accent colors.

Home painting in Danville can perk up even the most tired foyer. You can also add borders, an accent wall in a contrasting (or complementary) color, or stenciled decorations to add your own personal touch and style. Pottery, greenery, furniture, and other things can also help to make the space both functional and beautiful, and make a great first impression.


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