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House Painting Concord: Brighten a Kitchen with New Paint

House Painting Concord: Brighten a Kitchen with New Paint

House painting in Concord is a neat and budget-friendly way to update the look of any high-traffic, visible spaces in your home like the kitchen. A kitchen is not just a place to cook and prepare meals. Since most kitchens are adjacent to the dining area, a kitchen is also a place where members of the family have their meals, gather together and bond. It is also a good area for socializing with guests.

The kitchen is supposed to be a place which allows you to be creative and try new culinary creations. But more often than not, it is hard to be inspired when you’re in a kitchen that’s too dim or too drab. There are some kitchens that have black marble or granite countertops, stained wooden cabinets and all-black cupboards. But sometimes, these things will make your kitchen look outdated and even claustrophobic.

Although you can use white in all situations, you don’t have to shy away from color to make your kitchen brighter and livelier. Sometimes it takes a bit of risk to use the most striking colors to draw the eye.

How about an all-white kitchen, on the other hand? While white is a default choice for kitchens, sometimes it makes everything look dull and boring. An all-white kitchen also presents a good opportunity to give it a pop of color to make it a lot more refreshing, vibrant, and inspiring!

Perhaps now is the time for you to brighten up your dark kitchen, or transform your ordinary white kitchen into something special and exciting. Make your kitchen look more modern, fresher, and more invigorating by following these steps:

1. Mitigate your kitchen’s dark ambiance or bring a pop of color to your all-white kitchen by re-painting the cupboards and cabinets with entirely different colors. It is better to remove the kitchen cabinet doors so that you can clean, sand, prime, and paint them separately before putting them back in place.

It is up to you whether you want to paint just upper cabinets, or the lower cabinets, or both. Bring life to your dark cabinets by painting them with lighter and brighter colors like white, beige, or sunny yellow. Add a splash of color to your all-white kitchen by re-painting the cabinets with red, Egyptian blue, or ochre yellow.

2. If you want to prominently display your glassware and white china that are tucked inside the glass-front cabinets, consider painting the interiors of the cabinets with a pop of color. Make sure that the color will best highlight your glassware and china collections! This will definitely draw the eye of your guests.

3. Make a bold statement to your kitchen by bringing in shockingly vibrant accent colors such as hot pink, turquoise, peach, or tangerine. Complete your striking color scheme by matching appliances, kitchen tools, decorative pieces, as well as towels and curtains.

4. A little shimmer in the kitchen won’t hurt! Add a touch of glimmer by painting the backsplash and accents with gold, silver, copper, or bronze. These colors will reflect some light that your dark kitchen needs.

5. If your kitchen has a dark floor in particular but you don’t have plans to repaint or replace it altogether, simply paint the kitchen island with a brighter color. This will help distract the eye from the dark flooring.

With only a coat of a new paint color, you can dramatically re-energize the look of your old and drab-looking kitchen. But before you bring a pop of color to your kitchen, always remember that preparation is the key to a good painting finish. Contact Custom Painting, Inc. for more suggestions for re-painting the kitchen or if you have other house painting in Concord ideas.


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