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House Painting Concord – Decorating with Red Paint

House Painting Concord – Decorating with Red Paint

House Painting Concord - Decorating with Red Paint

Are you looking for creative ideas for house painting in Concord? Whether applied in big or small doses, red still makes a bold statement. Here are some fun ideas of how you can use red paint the next time you’re house painting.

  1. Create a bold backdrop by painting the wall in full red. This is perfect if you have black-and-white photos to display. It is equally effective when displaying framed pencil or charcoal artwork. Lipstick red paint will do the trick.
  2. If your kitchen is mostly filled with stainless-steel fixtures and appliances, or has dark-wood surfaces, paint your kitchen island with brick-red paint. This will easily make the island the star of the kitchen.
  3. Painting a particular area with red will help define a space. For instance, if you have a home office, paint your work area with red. This will help define the work area from the rest of the space. Besides, red is a stimulating shade that will help you be alert and remain focused on your job.
  4. Don’t hesitate to bring bright red to a traditional home. This will create a fun, vibrant dose of updated appeal to dwellings with old-school, classic architecture. For instance, paint the walls of your Victorian-style dining room with red.
  5. Red is an excellent color for accent walls. For example, white decorative or art pieces will pop against an accent wall painted in bright red.
  6. Red is not only for accent painting, but it can also be used as a lasting backdrop. Trends and tastes may change, but a traditional red is a favorite classic. Paint your room with classic red, but tone its bold factor down by pairing it with neutral hues such as white or beige.
  7. If you plan to display your prized possessions in one narrow nook, paint it with a backdrop of red to grab your visitor’s attention.
  8. A new coat of bright red paint will instantly bring new life to old furniture. For instance, a new coat of red paint to a drab-looking second-hand dining table will bring renewed pizzazz to it. Your newly-painted dining table will also be decorative.
  9. Pick inspiration from nature when using red paint. For example, the red roses and geraniums in your garden would be the inspiration for you to paint your back patio wall with a deep red.
  10. Red is a warm color, which sets off a bright, welcoming vibe. Why not use red’s welcoming character by applying it on your front door? This is effective especially if your exterior is all white. Painting your front door with an eye-popping cherry red paint will create a fresh, inviting feeling.
  11. Since red is a bold color, it adds an element of surprise. Sometimes a little bit of red is just enough to create unpredictability and add an interest factor. Try to paint your doorknob in a vivid shade of red for a touch of refreshing surprise and interest.
  12. Do you want some drama? Why not paint your garden gate with bold red? This will add a splash of color in the middle of your otherwise green garden.

Red is one of the favorite colors for many people. It is bright, bold, and versatile. Whether you add a touch of red as an accent or go daring by painting your entire room red, it will definitely make yourhouse more defined and beautiful when house painting in Concord.


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