House Painting Concord: Painting Ideas for the Kitchen

House painting in Concord allows you to be creative, and put your ideas for repainting and redecorating your space into practice. Among all the other areas of the house, the kitchen is the most popular place for renovations. Perhaps this is because it is the place where the family spends most of their time preparing, cooking, and eating food. When the kitchen is alive with brilliant colors, it is likely that your appetite will be stimulated.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen but have found re-modeling to be too expensive, painting is a more cost-effective way to transform your kitchen. With easy painting techniques you will be able to make your old kitchen look brand-new without having spent money on costly materials.

Choosing the colors for your kitchen can be daunting but at the same time it can be fun. The Internet is a vast resource for ideas where you can spend time browsing photos of the kitchens painted in particular color scheme. You can consider any of these kitchen painting ideas:

  1. Do you want a more sophisticated and versatile kitchen look? Why don’t you try the monochrome scheme consisting of varying shades of gray and white? Pale gray is still the best bet because it provides a clean, crisp appearance. You may add a darker gray or black paint for accent or add some darker or colorful decor to make the colors pop, but in a sparse way.
  2. If you need to give your modern kitchen an invigorating look, go for a color scheme with yellow and a few deeper earth tones. Apply rich shades of deep yellow or gold on the walls, and earthy russet on the accent wall. For the doors, apply simple white paint. This color scheme will give the kitchen a spicy, sun-kissed appearance.
  3. One of the best things about wooden kitchens is their flexibility and versatility when it comes to color. If you have a kitchen with quaint Shaker-style architecture and furniture, make it more adorable with a powder blue scheme. Paint the walls with white and the countertops, cupboards and shelves with powder blue. To add some splash of color you can add a rug with colorful geometrical patterns. Put only a few pieces of blue-and-white chinaware for decor.
  4. If you like a much fresher look to your kitchen, apply a green color scheme. Paint the walls with grape green or olive green while painting the cabinets, cupboards and countertops white. If you have an accent wall, you may also paint it with a much brighter shade of green like lime or spring bud.
  5. Red has the innate ability to liven up any space, where people need to be stimulated and invigorated in whatever they do, including dining. Red is ideal mostly for contemporary kitchens built with the finest-grade materials like black and gray slab countertops and stainless steel appliances. White-painted cabinets and shelves are usually paired with the all-red walls and cabinets.
  6. Pink will never be the top of anyone’s wish list but it can be applied to kitchens if someone is brave enough (or if someone who lives in the house loves pink, no matter the age or gender). It doesn’t have to be an “in-your-face” pink though that makes things harsh. You may want to balance it by leaving the tiles white, painting the walls white, and the cabinets and shelves with softer shades of pink (such as mauve, carnation, or rose pink). Or paint the area between the upper and lower cabinets with a touch of pink to give the kitchen some rosy atmosphere. Picking this color can be quite risky so if you decide on a pink kitchen you may want to contact your professional interior designer or decorator.

The possibilities are endless when choosing colors for house painting in Concord. If you are in doubt, a professional painting contractor in Concord, like Custom Painting, Inc. can help you decide on great painting ideas for your kitchen.