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House Painting Danville – Saving Money on Exterior House Painting

House Painting Danville – Saving Money on Exterior House Painting

House Painting Danville – Saving Money on Exterior House Painting

House painting in Danville can be an expensive prospect, as it can be anywhere. While it is necessary to refresh the exterior paint on a home occasionally, there are some ways to lessen the expense and save a bit of your hard-earned cash.

Maintaining the exterior of your home – including both repairs and painting – is a key to making things hold their value and lower the expense in the future. When you have fewer repairs to make before embarking on your exterior painting experience, then you will obviously spend less money on preparing your walls.

Many people choose to hire a professional painting contractor, like Custom Painting, Inc., to handle exterior house painting. While this is the simplest for the homeowner, it is not usually the least expensive option. It may be possible however, to discuss the matter with your contractor and arrange to do some of the preparatory work yourself, saving them time and you money. The contractor will want any such agreement to be in writing, as will you, because such a document will be protection for both of you. It is possible that the contractor will not warranty the job if he is not doing the entire project, however, so do discuss the matter with your chosen contractor before making a final decision.

Some preparation that you may be able to handle yourself includes washing the surfaces, including killing mildew and degreasing, scraping off old paint, and sanding.

If you choose to do the entire project yourself, this will usually result in the greatest savings. You will want to be sure to prepare all surfaces properly. Choose the best quality paint you can afford, as the paint quality has much to do with the final result. If you choose a paint that is very cheap in price, there is a good chance it will also be very cheap in quality. This will leave you with an exterior that you will find very unsatisfactory, especially considering the amount of work you put into the job. Another thing to keep in mind is that spending the money now on excellent quality paint will mean that it will be longer before you will be required to repaint. This means that the long-term price is lower. (To explain this point: suppose you pay $1200 and the job lasts four years. This is effectively $300/year. Now suppose you pay $2400 but the job lasts ten years. This is effectively $240/year – a savings of $60/year.)

Using a good primer can reduce the quantity of coats of paint necessary to achieve the color and finish you desire. These are just a few ways you may be able to reduce your expenses when tackling the exterior house painting for your Danville home.


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