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House Painting Danville: Spring Maintenance before Painting

House Painting Danville: Spring Maintenance before Painting

Now that springtime warmth is here again, you may want to freshen up the look of your home with some maintenance and house painting in Danville. Here are some tips to maintain the condition of your home, whether you want to check the interior paint or the exterior paint.

Interior paint:

1. Check the walls for spots and stains, as they will accumulate over time and eventually look unsightly. You will want to check the walls of high-traffic areas such as staircases, hallways, kids’ bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, where high activity could mean more chances of dirt and stains.

2. Once you find an area of the wall that needs to be cleaned, wash it with a damp (not wet) clean rag or sponge, and water. If the stains are more stubborn and washing them with only water doesn’t work, add a small amount of detergent to a damp sponge.

3. Dealing with mold can be quite exasperating. It thrives in wet and humid areas such as bathrooms, the laundry room, or the basement. There are many ways to get rid of the mold. Use hot water with soap and baking soda and transfer the solution to a spray bottle. Vinegar (undiluted) can be an effective mold-buster. Borax, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide can also be used for removing mold.

There are also specially produced paints and primers that may help keep the mold from thriving again.

4. If you notice that your paint is fading, it could be blamed on the quality of the paint used. One of the best ways to avoid paint fading is to buy high-quality paints beforehand. High quality paints may take years before they begin to actually fade, unlike cheaper, inferior paints which lose their color more quickly.

If you are not sure about the quality of paint used on your interior walls, put curtains or blinds in your windows to keep the incoming sunrays from hitting the walls. This is partially the cause of fading.

Exterior paint:

1. To avoid rotting, make sure that the undersides of corner boards are completely painted. Leaving this area unpainted will cause the undersides to seep water which leads to rotting of the boards.

2. The maintenance of the exterior depends on the material of the siding. Stucco generally requires less maintenance than wood siding. So it means you have to repaint wood siding more often than you’ll do with stucco.

3. Mold and mildew is another annoying problem. If you live in a warm, humid, or damp climate, mold and mildew will often form on the sidings and trim. One of the best ways to keep this from happening is to buy paints and primers which have mildewcide and use them when house painting in Danville. If the paints don’t have this option, then you can buy a separate mildewcide additive and mix it with your paint.

4. The exterior surface is more vulnerable to sun, wind, rain, snow, and other elements than the inside of the home. These external factors can result in fading or peeling paint, as well as cracks in certain areas such as around door and window seals or fascia boards. It’s ideal to coat such problem areas with a primer and then two coats of paint to give them double protection. Before the painting job, of course, you should scrape away peeling paint and sand the surface, or repair more noticeable surface flaws with a sealant and sand it afterwards. Make sure you use high-quality paint (not the inexpensive, inferior ones).

5. Springtime is also a good time to check the exterior surfaces for dirt that may have built up over time. Once you spot a problem area, the best and the easiest way to get rid of the stubborn dirt is to pressure-wash it. Professionals recommend pressure-washing five or six years after the first paint job, particularly if mildew has become more noticeable. If you can’t afford a pressure washer, using a garden hose to wash porches and beneath overhangs once a year can also do wonders for your home.

Springtime is a good time to inspect your home’s interior and exterior. Once you’ve found the problem areas of your home, you may fix them by either DIY painting or by hiring professionals to do house painting in Danville.


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