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House Painting in Concord – Being Restricted in Color

House Painting in Concord – Being Restricted in Color

House Painting in Concord - Being Restricted in Color

While house painting in Concord gives you the freedom to choose a color you’d like, sometimes there’s a limit to that freedom. Or, perhaps you wonder, just because you CAN paint your house an unusual color, SHOULD you do it? It may be good to consider how your neighbors might feel about your choice of color.

Exterior painting in particular, you will want to be careful what color your choose. There are certain colors that you are allowed to use, and there are colors and shades that are just a no-no. For instance, painting your exterior with intense colors (such as bright orange) will not only be an eyesore to the neighbors and passers-by, but can also devalue your property.

If your community or village has imposed standards regarding exterior painting color, it is recommended to follow such standards.

Your community may impose certain guidelines regarding re-painting your home. For instance, the rules may state that it is not considered a modification or an alteration of your house if the color chosen for repainting is either:

  • the home’s original color (specifically at the time of its construction); or
  • included in the color palette approved by your community (or is a color which is just within the hue range of the palette).

Therefore, if you are re-painting your home follow either of these two factors, you will never need to seek the approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The board promulgates guidelines to uphold the aesthetic standards in the community as well as to preserve certain values. It also does evaluations on all of the community’s design proposals by considering specific factors such as the surrounding environment and landscape.

It makes sense to follow these community guidelines when re-painting your house. Of course, that means choosing only the colors that will blend harmoniously with the surrounding neighborhood.

Otherwise, if your intended color is not the original color of your home or is not included in the colors expressly approved by your community, then it is considered a modification or an alteration. This will require approval from the ARC.

It is important to bear in mind that the board imposes restrictions regarding certain paint colors and color combinations for the exterior surface. The ARC will never permit colors that are:

  • Too bright or intense
  • Neon
  • “Hot”

You may do the mix and match of the approved color palettes but remember that NOT all commingled color palettes have been given the “go” signal by your community. So it is still important to seek some consultation from the ARC if you intend to blend the district-approved color palettes.

While you understand the color restrictions, you may still go for a touch of your own personality while doing exterior house painting in Concord. For instance, painting the front door and the trim with the color of your choice will allow a bit of your individuality. At the same time, you still manage to maintain the harmony with the rest of your neighborhood.


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