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House Painting Danville: Tips to Save Money While Painting

House Painting Danville: Tips to Save Money While Painting

House Painting Danville: Tips to Save Money While Painting

Many homeowners want to update their home’s look. The simplest and most effective means to do this is through painting. There are many reasons why people do house painting in Danville: to beautify and extend the life of their homes, to boost their curb appeal, or to increase their homes’ resale value.

Painting is also a cost-effective way of updating the look of a house without having to spend a large amount and dismantling parts of your home to renovate it. These tips can help you save money if you are about to begin house painting in Danville.

  • People think not using a primer will save money. They think the top coat is enough and they don’t need to spend their money on using primer. Many don’t realize that primer can help save them money because it will keep them from having to apply additional coats of paint. Primer is also important if you will paint on a surface that has not been painted before such as raw drywall or wood. A primer is good for coating rough or stained surfaces. It will also help prevent previous paint colors from bleeding through, will make the paint adhere better to the surface, and will give the job a smoother finish.
  • If you think that you are saving money by buying cheaper paints, think again. Most inexpensive paints are poor quality and this can be easily seen when the project is complete. Buying good quality paints may cost more at the start of a project but it will save you money in the long run. Good quality paint is more durable, has better coating ability that will save you time and money, and won’t fade easily. Unlike cheap, inferior paints, good quality paints won’t make you re-paint the surface again. To get the most for your money, watch out for sales on good quality paints.
  • You may have a number of painting projects you would like to do. You can spread the projects out over the year. This can help you not get burned out and help you save for each project.
  • Avoid trying to cut costs by not prepping the surface. If your desire is an excellent paint finish, prepping the surfaces is a must. Even if you have good quality paint, it won’t look good on the wall if your surfaces are dirty, uneven, and have lots of flaws (such as cracks and dents). Prepping the surface before painting will keep you from having to repair any damage and then having to repaint again to get the professional look you want.
  • Estimating the amount of paint you need can help you save money when buying paints. Generally, a gallon of paint will cover 350 or 400 square feet, but there are exceptions. If your walls consist of unpainted drywall, for instance, you may need more than a gallon of paint to cover the same area. You also have to measure the doors, the windows, and the trim, to estimate how many gallons of paint you need to buy, along with the condition of the surfaces. If the walls are porous, for instance, you may need more than one coat of paint. It’s better to estimate how much paint is needed rather than to make a haphazard guess. Guessing could mean unnecessary expense or wasting unused paints.
  • If you are on a very tight budget, you will still be able to give your home a nice upgrade by painting one area (such as an accent wall), rather than painting the whole room. This will be a good way to change the color scheme. You may also paint only the trim or the ceiling to change the look of your room. A little paint can go a long way.
  • Some homeowners think they can save money by doing the work. If you don’t know how to properly prep or paint the surface properly, or how to do appropriate cleaning afterwards, you may end up with a poor finish. You may need to buy more paint or new tools to correct errors. It may be better to hire a professional paint contractor. Hiring a professional paint contractor before you begin painting will save you time, money, and effort. Of course, you will want to do some research to make sure you hire a legitimate contractor to do the job.

Painting is one cost-effective way to update the look of your home and extend the life of the structure. It may also help increase the property’s resale value. However, you can save money if you follow these smart tips the next time you’ll be doing house painting in Danville.


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