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Washable Paint for Interior House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Washable Paint for Interior House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Washable Paint for Interior House Painting in Pleasant Hill

House painting in Pleasant Hill may be done differently when you consider the functions of each room, as well as how frequently it is used. Apart from the color, you should also look at what types of paint to use for each area.

A certain type of paint may be used for the living room (such as paint with a flat finish), while another type may be painted in high-traffic areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. These particular areas are abused as dirt and grime as well as smoke stains, mold, and mildew are usually found on the walls. For this, you will want to find a paint that is easily washed and cleaned, and that still manages to maintain its condition.

When you have children who have their own spaces such as a bedroom or a playroom, another type of paint may be needed and used for them. Kids are just like that — being kids. They may get really unruly most of the time, and it’s not a surprise that you may find stains and dirt on their bedroom walls. Crayon marks, pencil sketchings, splattered ink, and sometimes food and drink are some of the usual things you may find there in your kid’s room, and they’re an annoying sight. These marks and stains on the walls are not really that easy to clean. The right paint can help make cleaning easier.

Unless you savor the thought of having to re-paint the walls three times a year, you’ll want a paint that is durable and easy to wash and clean. Or if you have to apply paint again, you want a flat finish but you think this won’t be feasible in this case.

Generally, most people prefer flat paints because of the appearance alone, but many of them have had to compromise on appearance in order to have the durability and easy-to-wash benefits that paints with a glossy finish have. Flat paints, while looking attractive, are usually not easy to clean and are otherwise prone to dirt and stains.

Fortunately, new technology has introduced acrylic flat latex paints with easy-to-clean and easy-to-wash attributes of a semi-gloss paint. Here are some of the following brands that manufacture washable paints:

  • Kelly-Moore – Kelly-Moore’s Acry-Plex Interior Latex Flat Enamel (also known as “655”) has the ability to withstand repeated scrubbings. It can be tinted to match any décor.
  • PPG (Pittsburgh Paints) – PPG manufactures paints such as Manor Hall Interior Latex Paint which reportedly has easy-to-wash attributes, even in flat, matte, and ceramic finishes. Another paint option from PPG is the WallHide matte and ceramic paints which will also do well for areas that need frequent washing.
  • Benjamin Moore – the Aura line of latex paints for interior coatings is one of Benjamin Moore’s best-sellers. They are highly “cleanable” and washable even in the certain finishes such as flats, mattes, and eggshells.

Thanks to new technology, we don’t have to compromise the appearance of a flat paint to gain the easy-to-clean features of paint with sheen. These washable flat paints are perfectly suited for interior house painting in Pleasant Hill, specifically in areas such as kitchens and children’s bedrooms or playrooms.


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