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House Painting in Danville? Use These Expert Tips to Choose a Paint Color

House Painting in Danville? Use These Expert Tips to Choose a Paint Color

House Painting in Danville? Use These Expert Tips to Choose a Paint Color

With a vast array of palettes and hues, choosing a paint color for house painting in Danville is no piece of cake. If you don’t know where to start in choosing a color, it’s good to turn to professional painters for expert tips. The following are suggestions you may want to consider.

Pay attention to the mood

The overall mood and atmosphere that you want for a space can help you pick the right paint color. For example, you want to change the color of your bedroom. Do you want the mood to be soothing, relaxing, and conducive to sleep? Or do f you want it to be dramatic and intimate? Softer, cooler colors will create a quieter mood, while stronger colors will set out the dramatic effect.

If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, consider first if you want a color that will be invigorating, a color that will soothe your senses, or a color that will add more sophistication to the room. Hues of red, yellow, and orange will do the trick of arousing your appetite. Green is the color of nature, many vegetables, and some fruits, and it is the best cool color to use for kitchens. Hues of gray will add chic factor in the kitchen, while browns will create an earthy and elegant feel. It’s also great to use two colors — one for the walls and another one for accents (such as red and white).

Consider the lighting

Lighting can affect the color of your walls. If your space has ample natural lighting, then it’s a good reason to experiment to determine which paints will look well when hit by light from outside. Natural daylight brings out the paint’s truest color, while artificial lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting shows warm and cool tones, respectively.

The reason why many paint stores are lit by fluorescent lights is that they are attempting to show how light affects the paint color. But it’s better if you take home the paints you’ve chosen, paint at least one wall with that color, and live with it for a week to see how the color fares over the course of the day. If they are too soft or too overpowering when exposed to lighting, considering changing to a similar color but different tone.

Consider the furnishings

It is good to consider the color of your existing furniture. Decide If you want your space to have harmony, or something more eye-popping — as long as the paint hues don’t clash with the existing items. Yes, the paint color has to adjust to the furniture, not the other way around. If you have a red couch, you may want to choose paint colors that are also warm — shades of red, orange, and yellow — for harmony. If you want the red furniture to stand out, choose white or even olive green for the walls.

Test colors

Testing your choice colors is probably the most satisfying and effective way to choose the right color for your room. Buy a small amount of your choice paints and paint them on a large poster board or one wall. This method is better than buying color chips or taking paint samples home as it will give you a better preview on how that color will look in the entire space.

Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone

Even though whites and beiges are the usual colors people use for the walls of their home, don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Experiment with more hues. Consider soft pastels, strong vivid warm hues, or deep neutrals. If you’re bored with the usual white ceiling, for instance, add drama by painting it with stronger colors, and even add some decorative details to keep balance in the space.

If you’re not sure where to begin, perhaps consider painting a small space such as a bathroom, storage room, or a small hallway or even an accent wall. House painting in Danville will give you exciting opportunities to try out different colors in your home; it may be difficult but it can also be fun and rewarding.


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