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House Painting in Pleasant Hill – How Do You Paint a Small Entryway?

House Painting in Pleasant Hill – How Do You Paint a Small Entryway?

You have been house painting in Pleasant Hill but don’t know what to do with your small entryway. Small entryways can be dull, so it’s both a challenge and a chance to turn them into a welcoming and attractive space. Just because the hallway is small doesn’t mean it has to feel closed-in or cramped. There are many ways to turn your small entry way into an inviting space that looks bigger than it really is.

One major factor when changing the confined atmosphere of the small entryway is paint. Applying a new coat of paint on the walls of your entry way can work great wonders.

Trying to paint a small hallway with dark colors may make the space seem claustrophobic, and this is not something that you want to achieve. Conventional wisdom holds that pale colors expand the space, and it is generally true. But you don’t have to use white because it’s quite bland. Opt for light, cool wall colors, or vibrant, warm colors. Unlike darker colors, bright colors reflect light and absorb them; this gives the illusion of an expanded space. Use bright and cool colors such as mint green, gray or light blue, or warm and energetic colors like shades of yellow.

Natural lighting is still the best way to broaden a space. If there’s a window at the end of your small entry way, make the most of it by using a sheer curtain. Or just leave the window as it is, and try to make adornments around it such as a wreath, or a sun catcher. If your hallway is situated at the main part of the house (as opposed to the entry way upstairs), install a main door with glass panels to let some light enter into the hallway. Some doors have stained glass that gives off an attractive array of colors when it’s hit by the natural light outside. In place of a natural light, install wall lamps or sconces along with overhead lighting.

If you want to paint your narrow entry white, you can pay attention instead to the doors and windows to add more color. For instance, paint the doors with colors such as maroon, dark burgundy, turquoise, or plum. Unleash your creativity by adding some decoration on the doors, such as golden studs to add drama to an otherwise plain-looking white hallway. If you paint your walls white, paint vibrant and striking colors on your trims and moldings (if any) preferably the same colors that you apply on the doors and windows.

If the end of your entryway has a wall, install a large, full-length mirror on it. A mirror reflects light down the hallway and makes the whole space look brighter and wider. You can put mirrors on the sides of the hallway walls, as well. If your hallway is adjoined to another room, be sure to use a type of seamless flooring that flows into the next room.

You can use many possibilities to turn a small, drab-looking entryway or hallway into a bigger-looking space when you do house painting in Pleasant Hill. It only takes the proper painting techniques and creativity to achieve this effect.


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