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House Painting in Pleasant Hill – The Right Painter Matters

House Painting in Pleasant Hill – The Right Painter Matters

House Painting in Pleasant Hill - The Right Painter Matters

If you have decided to start a big project like house painting in Pleasant Hill, it is understood that a DIY effort won’t cut it especially when you want flawless results. For this, you will want to hire a professional painter who will do the work for you.

And not just do the work — the painter should also do the work well. With that in mind, it really matters to pick the right painter for the job. But what does the right painter look like? These factors may help you in picking for the right painting contractor:

1. Experience

Although there are a new wave of contractors that are as competent and professional as the older ones, most homeowners prefer contractors to have many years of experience when looking for one. The longer experience is an indication that the contractor is likely to be professional and does a better than satisfactory job.

2. License and insurance

Licensing varies from state to state, and not all states require companies to have a license. But in California, a license is deemed to be important, and having one means that the contractor is not just some fly-by-night company.

When the painting contractor is insured, it’s another indication of a reputable, legitimate company, not just someone pretending to be a company whose only interest is your money. A company that’s insured means that you are not liable to shoulder the medical expenses should the contractor’s employee get injured while doing work at your house, or the damage is done to your property while the work is in progress. The painting contractor will insure it on their employee’s (and your) behalf.

Licensing and insurance are the two things you should not forget when looking for a contractor.

3. References

The contractor is considered reputable if they provide references to the client. References are a big help since they allow you to get a sense of their professionalism, work ethic, and the level of their skill. Speak with the former clients of the company. They are the best ones to tell you if the contractor was trustworthy and great to work with.

4. Pricing

It’s good to be aware of the contractor’s pricing so that it will help you compare the one to the pricing of other contractors. If they charge unusually higher or lower than usual, it’s good to ask them why. Other than that, if most companies you’re interested in working with charge pretty much the same, then you’ll have an idea about the quality of work they’re going to perform.

5. Warranty

If the company offers you a warranty (usually after the work has been completed), then it’s also an indication of a good company. Please note: you will want to request a copy of a warranty prior to hiring them. It’s important to read thoroughly what’s in the warranty — what it specifically covers and the other things not included in it. Since every company operates differently, it is not safe to assume all companies offer the same warranty.

6. Workmanship and safety

A company who emphasizes attention to detail and safety is also a good company. It doesn’t do shabby, inferior work nor does it ignore safety practices.

House painting in Pleasant Hill is a big job indeed. So again, hiring the right painter does make a difference – in results and likely cost! Once you land the perfect contractor, you will end up with a professional painting job.


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