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House Painting in Pleasant Hill: Use a Sponge, Brush or Roller?

House Painting in Pleasant Hill: Use a Sponge, Brush or Roller?

Sometimes house painting in Pleasant Hill can seem a little specific and technical. There are tools that are made for certain surfaces and applications.

Which tools should you use: a paintbrush, a roller, or a sponge? This is a simple and basic question especially for those who haven’t painted before, but may also be asked by those who want to have a clearer idea on which tools to use.

1. Brushes – These remain the most common and most “all-around” tool for painting. So when’s the right time to use brushes and where should they be used?

  • Small narrow or tight areas
  • For cutting in corners
  • For painting along trim and baseboards
  • To attain a specific effect

There are several types of brushes, but the thing that you should take note of is the type of bristles, the underlying difference between brushes. Brushes with natural bristles are mostly made of animal hair like mohair and goat’s hair. They are only suitable for oil paints — they shouldn’t be used for water-based paints as these bristles will soak up the paint and will go limp as a result. Synthetic bristles, on the other hand, are often made of nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. They can be used for both oil- and water-based paints.

Brushes with synthetic bristles are stiffer, and therefore they can handle thick paints and can be used for both flat and textured surfaces. Brushes with natural bristles are excellent with thin paints and for painting smooth surfaces.

2. Rollers – Rollers are best used for painting flat, large surfaces. They come in different shapes and sizes. If you want less time and effort to coat a surface efficiently, you should pick a bigger roller.

Synthetic rollers are made of either nylon or polyester while natural rollers are made of goat’s hair, lamb’s hair, or something similar. Synthetic rollers are good for latex paints while natural rollers are suitable for oil-based paints. There are also rollers that have a combination of both synthetic and natural materials which can be used for either latex or oil-based paint.

The “nap” is the roller’s texture, and comes in several lengths. The condition and type of surface will help you determine which nap length you should use. Textured surfaces like stucco typically require a longer nap, while smoother surfaces call for an almost non-existent nap.

3. Sponges – Sponges, sponge brushes, or foam brushes are good for touch ups or quick jobs. Sometimes people use sponge brushes as smaller versions of rollers for covering narrower areas. Sponge brushes can be used with any paints and other products with the exception of lacquer (which could disintegrate them). Sponges should be washed out very well after use or they will simply absorb all the paint and become dry and useless.

The next time you need to do house painting in Pleasant Hill, with the information provided above, you’ll know which paint tools to use because you understand which is best for the surfaces you have to paint.


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