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House Painting in Pleasanton without Going Crazy

House Painting in Pleasanton without Going Crazy

House painting in Pleasanton and in nearby areas may oftentimes drive you crazy with all the workload, expense, and possible issues and hitches that you may encounter. But if you are carried away by your worries it may affect your painting job or cause you to forgo painting altogether.

Having high quality paint as well as high quality tools are only the first steps. There are also some smart painting techniques which will help you keep sane throughout the job.

  1. When doing exterior painting, see every side of your house as a project in itself. Unless you have superhuman powers, do not attempt to paint all of the four sides of your house on one day. Think of it this way: “I am going to paint this side today and another side tomorrow (or on the next day).” Knowing you won’t be painting for an entire day will help you keep your sanity.
  2. When doing interior painting, preparation is the first step that shouldn’t be ignored. Preparation (or prepping) includes cleaning the surface, removing and/or covering furniture and fixtures, fixing surface flaws, covering the other parts with painters’ tape, and covering the floors with drop cloths. Prepping the surfaces properly will save you from possible problems like paint that won’t stick to the surface — which will be enough to make you go out of your mind.
  3. To ensure fast and efficient painting, paint the uninteresting parts of your house first. The reasons for doing this is because if you paint the fun parts first (less visible areas such as under the eaves), it will lead you to think that your work is basically done, and you will feel less energetic or feel too lazy to finish the boring, flat surface parts.
  4. Chew some gum or candy, or listen to your favorite music, to help you carry on with your painting job (especially while you’re painting the more boring areas).
  5. Depending on the area you’re painting, pick up a paint finish that will ensure an easier job. Both flat and glossy paints have their own advantages. While a glossy paint makes cleaning the surfaces easier, a flat paint will leave little visible overlapping marks while you paint, which allows you to take a break and then resume your job later.
  6. Set a schedule for each painting job, especially if you have an enormous project to do. Planning to paint a certain number of hours a day and then stopping can go a long way to keeping you sane.
  7. Choose the right time and season for painting your home. If and when you choose a wrong season, the seasonal elements (such rain or too much sunlight) may affect your painting job. Not only could it affect your being able to paint on the days you planned, it could also affect how long it takes the paint to dry.
  8. If you think that spraying paint on the surface is easy and hassle-free compared to brushing or rolling, then you might be wrong. Since spraying will spread several inches of paint on the surface, you may have to the tape larger areas where paint shouldn’t go. Or cover bushes, garage floors, and pavement, before using this method. Sometimes painting with a brush or roller is easier and less messy than with a sprayer.

Having someone to help you in your job also doesn’t hurt! Consult only with the licensed and professional painting contractors like Custom Painting, Inc. who will help you get through house painting in Pleasanton quickly and efficiently while keeping your sanity intact!


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