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Windows To Your World

Windows to Your World

When planning for the next home improvement project, the first thing that comes to mind is house painting in the Bay Area. After all, painting is a relatively quick and economical way to update the look of your home. The bulk of the project goes into the prep work that involves preparing the entire space for painting.

However, it’s also important to check the other important elements of your home, such as windows. After all, there’s a saying that “If eyes are the window to our souls, then windows are the eyes of the soul of a house.”

Windows may give a peek inside the “soul” of your home, but windows also give a peek at what’s outside from the occupant’s perspective. You may take your bedroom window for granted, but isn’t it nice to see beautiful things outside, soak up the morning sun, and breathe fresh air after you wake up? The window gives you that wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outside world from the comfort and safety of your home.

If windows are the eyes of the soul of a home, they require regular and proper maintenance to improve your home’s curb appeal. But even with good care, your windows may still end up way past their useful stage – a sign that they need replacement. It’s probably been a long time since your windows were first installed. Since window replacement is a big decision, making the right choice before upgrading is important.

If your windows have any of these issues, they are signs that they need to be replaced:

  • You have a harder time opening and closing them.
  • You’re experiencing uncomfortable drafts.
  • Water seepage and light leaks.
  • Your home’s indoor temperature may fluctuate.
  • Your home’s energy bills increase with no other explanation.
  • Fog and condensation form on your windows.
  • Your windows cannot dampen sound as they used to.
  • Visible damage, such as cracks, warping, rusting, or rotting.

There are other reasons why you may want to have your windows replaced:

  • Your windows look obsolete or do not match the overall style of your home.
  • Poor installation.
  • You want to increase your home’s curb appeal.
  • You’re looking to increase your home’s value.

The windows’ lifespan

Home windows usually last 15 to 20 years, depending on how frequently they’re used. Once the windows have reached this age, it’s a good time to check them to see if they’re still holding up well. At this point, the seals may begin to weaken or fail, leaving your home prone to drafts or moisture seepage.

Here are the simple ways to determine whether your windows are still in good shape or need replacement:

  1. Inspect and test your windows regularly.
  2. Check the window trim for cracks and holes, which can indicate improper caulking or using the wrong caulk.
  3. Examine the wood finishes to see if they are still holding up.
  4. If your windows get stuck or won’t operate, inspect their tracks and sills and then take time to clean them to remove accumulated dust and debris.

Single-pane windows are out. Dual pane windows are in!

If you occupy an older home or commercial property, it probably has single-pane windows. Single-pane windows are simply windows with one pane of glass in a frame. They may have been the standard 15 years ago or so, but single-pane windows have started to fall out of favor due to many reasons.

First, single-pane windows lack insulation, making your home or commercial space feel too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Second, they are poor in reducing outside noise. Third, they are not energy-efficient, leading to increasing bills. Fourth, single-pane windows allow around 90% of the sun’s UV radiation, leading to various adverse health effects, including sunburn, blinding eye disease, and cancer. UV rays can also damage your home’s flooring and furnishings.

Do yourself, your home, and your family a big favor by installing new double-pane or dual-pane windows. As the name suggests, a dual-pane window has two panes of glass in a frame instead of just one.

Double-pane windows may be a considerable investment, but the benefits outweigh the initial cost of purchase and installation. Here are some of the benefits of having dual-pane windows:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety
  • Stable indoor temperature
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Increased property value
  • More money in your pocket

Custom Painting, Inc. offers dual-pane window installation

There’s more to windows than just appearances, of course! Custom Painting, Inc. recommends the new dual-pane windows as they can save you both energy and money.

Did you know that single-pane windows that aren’t properly sealed are just as good as leaving one window completely all-year round? Imagine your heater or air conditioner running but leaking out due to improperly sealed windows instead of warming or cooling your home completely. Talk about increasing energy bills!

With dual-pane windows, it is possible to have the sun streaming in, even during winters – without the UV rays’ damaging effects. Plus, they keep unwanted noise away, giving you much-needed peace and quiet.

Despite the name our company carries, Custom Painting, Inc. offers a lot more than beautifying your home with paint. We also do window installation.

With us as your contractors, replacing your home windows is a lot less painful than it appears. Installation can usually be completed in 2 to 3 days from start to finish.

If you’re installing new windows, you will recover 100% of your costs. What’s more, most replacement windows can be installed with no damage or painting required.

Bay, bow, or garden window. Double-hung, shaped, slider, or casement. Wood, vinyl, or fiberglass windows. Whatever type of window you prefer to have installed, leave the job to us! At Custom Painting, Inc., we install them all.

Before everything else, Custom Painting, Inc. first determines what types of windows can best replace the ones you have. Also, consider any windowless rooms and could do with some! If you also want to throw in interior painting in San Ramon for your next project, we will also include it in our estimate – which is always provided free of charge. Give us a call now!


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