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House Painting in San Ramon – Choose the Perfect Paintbrush

House Painting in San Ramon – Choose the Perfect Paintbrush

House Painting in San Ramon – Choose the Perfect Paintbrush

Paint brushes are the most common tools when house painting in San Ramon. They come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. They are very versatile. You shouldn’t just buy and use any paintbrush. This is because not all paint brushes are created equal and each of them is specifically made for certain surfaces. This article will help you choose the perfect paintbrush for when you do house painting in San Ramon.

1. Wall brush

A wall brush is ideal for painting large, flat surfaces including walls, doors, and paneling. Usually, wall brushes come in three to six inches and various bristle types.

2. Angled sash brush

An angled sash brush has a characteristic slant on its bristle head. This is perfect for painting on grooved surfaces such as window trim, paneled and framed doors cabinets, and certain types of walls.

3. Round sash brush

A round sash brush has tapered, rounded, blunt bristles. Faux and decorative finish painters prefer using this kind of brush as it gives them greater control. It is also used on smaller trim. Sash brushes come in 20 to 40 millimeters, which are the sizes of their rounded bristle heads.

4. Finishing brush

As it is called, a finishing brush is used for final coats on surfaces that need close and frequent treatment such as kitchen cabinets. It is also ideal for furniture finishes. Finishing brushes are either made of natural materials such as ox hair or their synthetic counterparts.

5. Flagged bristles brush

Flagged” brushes are called this because they have splits at the ends of the bristles. These split ends allow the brush to hold more paint, thus resulting in an even, cleaner finish on the surface.

6. Synthetic brushes

They are brushes whose bristles are made of synthetic materials. They can be made of nylon, polyester, or a combination of both. These are ideal for water-based paints because they don’t soak up the moisture and won’t go limp unlike brushes made of natural materials. Brushes with synthetic bristles will still hold their shape and stiffness even after a number of uses.

7. Brushes with natural bristles

These are brushes whose bristles are made of natural sources like hair from boars or oxen. The tips are naturally flagged (split). These natural-bristled brushes are ideal to use for oil-based paints, urethanes or shellac, but never for water-based paints.

8. Short-handled trim brushes

Short-handled trim brushes have angled bristle heads and a smaller handle. Like a sash brush, a short-handled trim brush will work on any grooved surface. However, a short-handled trim brush will give the user greater control especially when painting in tight spaces and smaller trim. Therefore it will make your painting trim easier, faster, and less tiring. If you’ve have a lot of trim to paint, this kind of brush will definitely help.

9. Foam brushes

These peculiar-looking brushes have an absorbent head, therefore are perfect to hold a good amount of paints, stains, or urethanes of any kind. Foam brushes will give the surface a smoother finish, and most of them are disposable after they’ve been used. These brushers are ideal for cabinetry, furniture, and trim.

If you have knowledge about the different types of paint brushes, then you will know what you will exactly need when you do house painting in San Ramon.


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