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House Painting Near Me – Reasons to Not Do It Yourself

House Painting Near Me – Reasons to Not Do It Yourself

House Painting Near Me - Reasons to Not Do It Yourself

House painting near me is the most common way of updating your home. There are several reasons for that, being the number one reason is its affordability. Compared to a renovation or remodeling, a house painting is a quick and cost-effective way of updating the look of your home.

Homeowners may buy a can of paint, a set of paintbrushes and rollers, a drop cloth, and perhaps a sturdy step ladder. It is okay to do small-scale house painting projects, such as painting the kitchen cabinets or outdoor furniture. But if you want a new paint finish for your exteriors, for example, you are weighing your options between do-it-yourself (DIY) or hiring a professional paint contractor.

Sure, you are tempted to go for the DIY way because you believe it will save you money (and it does, at least initially). But consider these three reasons that suggest that you shouldn’t:

It’s labor-intensive work.

Painting is necessary for almost all homes. It refreshes the look of your home, protects it from harmful weather elements, enhances its curb appeal, increases its resale value, and helps in making it last longer.

While the actual painting of the wall or siding may be easy, it’s the work that goes into preparing your home for a fresh coat of paint that’s downright exhausting. You’ll need to clean the surface by manual washing or power-washing, scrape off the old paint, fill the cracks and holes, sand the surface, and finally, prime it when necessary.

Doing prep work and the paint job can be pretty risky, especially if it requires reaching high walls or ceilings. So, safety is another reason why you should not go the DIY way.

Unless you have all the time and lots of patience to do prep work, you would instead hire a professional and save yourself from this tedious task.

Budgeting a house painting project can be a headache.

As said earlier, a house painting is a cost-effective way of updating the look of your home. It’s true, but only when you compare it to a full-scale remodeling or renovation. Budgeting a house painting – especially if it’s a larger project – can be a real pain in the head. If you want a quality paint job, in particular, expect that the actual cost of the paints and materials might go a little over your budget. And you are not sure whether the paints you plan to buy are suitable for the type or current condition of the surface.

Professional residential painters will come over to your house (upon your request) and do an inspection. Their experience enables them to identify the problem areas of your home and recommend suitable paints to be used. After that, they will work on an estimate and send it to you for review. All you have to do is read each estimate carefully and thoroughly, review it, and then compare it to other painters’ estimates. When you find something questionable in their estimates, you can also ask the painters why this particular estimate is priced significantly higher (or lower) than the others. If one of the estimates best matches your budget, you’ll hire the winningest bidder. If you plan to hire professionals, you should get at least three candidates so that you can review and compare their estimates. Know what goes into a typical painting estimate here.

Experience is equal to quality work (and time savings)

There is a noticeable difference in quality when an inexperienced DIY painter does the job versus a professional with years of experience. Apart from that, an experienced professional typically completes job faster than a DIY-er does.

Apart from skills and experience, a professional painter always uses the best paints and tools to finish the job faster and give the paint job a long-lasting quality finish.

So, do you plan to do house painting near me the DIY way or let experienced professionals, such as Custom Painting, Inc. do it so that you’ll be free from all the work and worry? Give Custom Painting Inc. a call today and get started on a paint project for your home.


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