House Painting Pleasant Hill – 3 Things Painters Must Have

There’s no doubt that house painting in Pleasant Hill done by professionals can be better than house painting done by DIY-ers. While hiring skilled painting contractors may be more expensive, they are otherwise worth every penny spent by delivering an efficient and truly professional painting job.

However, not all painting contractors are the same, so don’t hire a painter just because they’re professional and they’re available. Look at these three essential characteristics that every professional painting contractor must have:

1. They must be licensed

Many states require painting companies to have a license, some states do not. The state of California believes that having a license is a sure indication that a contractor is legal to run his business. Having a license also means that the contractor has not committed any outstanding violations that would prevent him from renewing his license. A license is also proof that the contractor is a fully trained professional who has taken the effort to obtain their license. Be wary of any contractors who claim that they are licensed — ask them to show their license to prove their claim. If they have a license, they won’t be offended by your request. Others say that they’re licensed, but it turns out in the end that they are actually not. They may have an expired license or have an invalid license number. A license is also a good sign that the contractor also is likely have a good safety record, good relations with clients, and a good reputation.

2.They must be insured

This is one of the most important things every homeowner should consider when looking for a professional house painter. When a contractor is licensed, he will be insured as well. Every homeowner’s concern is mostly financial, so they want a contractor whose financial background is also stable. The fact is when a contractor is not insured, it may bring financial onus to the homeowner by having his or her insurance piled up (or worse, canceled) in case the contractor suffers an injury during the course of the job. The contractor may even sue the homeowner for physical injury, emotional stress, or more. If employees of an uninsured contractor also commit crimes inside the homeowner’s property such as theft, the homeowner won’t be covered by the company’s insurance for any losses.

In other words, hiring a contractor with general liability insurance will definitely bring a peace of mind to the homeowner. Of course, no one wishes for an accident or an unfortunate incident to happen during the course of the job, but whatever happens, an insured contractor will always be covered by the company he works for.

3. They must provide a warranty for their work

Many contractors provide warranties for their work by speaking about it directly to their clients. However, good and reputable contractors are also willing to provide you a written warranty after the work has been completed, so don’t forget to ask for one.

This is important especially if a contractor offers an unusually higher or lower price than average. If you ask such contractors for a warranty and they do give you one, check thoroughly what things they cover and what they do not. It’s a better idea to ask them for a physical copy of their warranty before deciding to hire them. Since contractors have their own way of doing business, it’s not safe to assume that their warranty covers the same things for similar specifications. It’s good to compare different warranties of your short-listed contractors.

The next time you have a big painting project, consider these three important things before hiring a professional do to do the painting. With thorough research and investigation, you will end up successfully hiring the right contractor to do house painting in Pleasant Hill.