House Painting Pleasant Hill – New Interior Painting Color Trends

Trends change year after year. Interior design and house painting in Pleasant Hill are no strangers to these trends, reflecting our aesthetic sensibilities and also our personal needs and wants.

A key element of interior design is paint colors. The paint colors you surround yourself with are more than mere backdrops for your personal gallery. They can also affect your mood, emotions, and energy level, impacting your home aesthetic and overall lifestyle.

After many years where people gravitated towards cool greens, pale pinks, and classic neutrals, 2023 is the year for bold, rich, warm, and vibrant hues. As people’s collective tastes shift from muted to intense, more clients are getting interested in exploring the “wild” and the unexpected when choosing colors.

Consequently, people’s growing taste for vibrant hues is becoming more apparent. These trending paint colors have begun to appear on their walls and also in every visible art form, from fashion to graphic design. Let’s check out which interior paint colors are trending in 2023 that might inspire you to do a mini makeover for your home.

All brown shades

No matter what shade you choose, brown is always dynamic and can work well with many other colors. Incorporating hues of warmer browns inspired by the places surrounding you – instead of the cooler grays that have dominated in recent years – helps richen the ambiance of any space.

Warm neutrals

Neutrals are the foundations of many color palettes, easily allowing homeowners to tweak their furnishings, accessories, décor, or accent walls without committing to a full makeover. Experts say that this year, we will see lots of whites, grays, beiges, creams, and tans with warmer undertones, which are a significant departure from the cooler tones that graced many homes in the last few years.

There’s no doubt that these neutrals are classic options. People want colors that have a lasting effect on their homes and reflect a bit more of their personality.

Yes to yellows

More people seem to trade the cool palettes of the past for the rich and warmer shades of yellow, such as mustard, marigold, chartreuse, and saffron. We see interior design in 2023 shifting from minimalism to maximalism, which helps to bring these rich and warm shades to the fore in interior design once more.

Reds are now the rage.

In contrast to the shades of pink that made a ubiquitous presence in recent years, we will see a lot of shades of red in 2023. For the more adventurous, they may want to dominate their rooms with shades of red like berry tones, wine hues, and bold magentas. 

Some interior design experts would recommend toned-down and darker shades like apple red, rosewood, and Merlot for others who want to play around with red but aren’t prepared enough to introduce its full vividness to their living space.

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, “Viva Magenta,” is a shade rooted in the red family. It is an intense shade with a perfect balance of warm and cool undertones. It is an exuberant, vigorous, and celebratory color designed to inspire to uplift the spirits of people who use it.

Green is the “new neutral.”

Up to now, green has remained a popular color in interior design. As green is the color that evokes nature, its versatility works in any space. But this year, do not expect to see teal, olive, or Kelly greens as accent colors anymore. Instead, green is now hailed as the “new neutral,” which is expected to dominate interior walls that were once covered in whites, beiges, and creams.

Whether it is a muted sage or deep forest green, this color will prevail in all styles: traditional, modern, contemporary, and bohemian. You can never go wrong with green.

Mixing warm and cool tones

Homeowners are getting more experimental regarding paint colors. Some interior design experts say that people will tend to pair warm and cool tones within the same space. For example, they pick cool shades like emerald or turquoise to complement beige or cream. Or they might choose an unusual combination of purple and tan. 

Interior design experts believe that the goal of these unexpected pairings is to offer ways to introduce an individual’s favorite shades that are already present in their homes – such as a yellow tablecloth, lavender drapes, or pink throw pillows – into palettes for a more refreshed atmosphere, not to mention that homeowners are able to bring out their personality and design choices through these customized palettes.

Colors that promote comfort and peace

As a homeowner, it’s important to make your home a comfortable haven. Making your house truly feel like a home remains a powerful inspiration when choosing paints for your living spaces. 

People will continue to crave comfort, peace, and security, which will remain a key element in interior design. Shades that provide a soothing environment with a touch of nature will continue to dominate many homes. 

Going bold

The year 2023 also anticipates the rise of more eye-catching shades and adventurous palettes. Homeowners will be more daring in using bolder and more vivid colors and shades, even if they use them in small amounts. Think of fire engine red on the interiors of a closet or window frames painted in earth yellow – these bold colors will spice up things a bit.

As you can see, paint companies and experts choose their “color of the year.” However, they would also come up with the latest paint colors for the homeowners to discover and enjoy. Color is an easy and cost-effective way of touching up or changing the look and feel of any space, so do not be afraid of using color! Taking any of these trendy color inspirations for your house painting in Pleasant Hill will give your living spaces a refreshed and updated look and feel.