House Painting Pleasanton: Get at Least 3 Estimates Before Hiring

Deciding on whom to hire to do house painting in Pleasanton is not easy at all. In fact, it can be quite difficult and can take quite a bit of your time and effort. After all, you are well aware that a painting job gone wrong can cost you, especially if you’re not careful when hiring a contractor.

A good advertisement doesn’t necessarily mean that a painting contractor brings good quality work to the table. You also don’t want to just hire a contractor either because he’s the one who’s nearest to your area or he’s the only one available. You have to find it out for yourself.

Definitely, it doesn’t hurt to ask around. Check with neighbors, friends, relatives, acquaintances, or co-workers who have had painting or repainting done professionally. Ask them if the contractors they’ve worked with were professional and did a good job in painting their home. If possible, visit their homes and inspect their work. You can also check out the contractor’s reputation and customer ratings online. It is also important to know which of these contractors are legitimate and which ones may be scammers.

When you’ve picked out the contractors that pass the initial screening, narrow your list down to at least three contractors, from whom you’ll ask for estimates. Generally, it is ideal to get at least three estimates from the contractors on your list. Why three? Obviously, you cannot hire just one contractor outright, because how will you know if you’re getting the best painter you’re looking for?

There have been instances where people who have gotten fewer than three bids end up frustrated either because they’ve been overcharged, or the contractors they’ve hired turn out to be scammers.

Let’s say you call a contractor but if he doesn’t show up or isn’t able or willing to offer you an estimate, you can go to the next contractor on your list. After talking to the contractors and getting their estimates, review each of them and compare. If one contractor charges unusually higher or lower than the rest, do not hesitate to ask him about what’s being done or not done, and what’s being added or taken off. For instance, one contractor offers an extra topcoat, while another omits the use of a primer, while the next contractor offers other repairs. You can choose any of them depending on how big or complex your project is.

Getting at least three bids will give you an idea about the general price range as well as details of their work, and then allow you to choose the one contractor who stands out among the rest. After choosing the contractor that meets the right price, consider other factors such as good working attitude, good communication and interaction with you, flexibility, and punctuality of the contractor (and also his crew).

These qualities above are as important as the price, especially if you’re going to interact with the contractor a lot and if they’re going to stay in your house for long periods during a big painting project.

Always remember that getting estimates from contractors is likely to take a lot of time and work. After all, you’re aiming for high-quality house painting in Pleasanton for a fair and reasonable price.