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House Painting Danville: Ready to Hire an Interior Painter

House Painting Danville: Ready to Hire an Interior Painter

House painting in Danville is a serious business indeed. If you want a good painting job, you may feel that DIY cannot suffice; you’d rather hire a professional painter instead.

Interior painting is the cheapest way to turn your drab room into a brand-new space that’s more livable. A considerable amount of research, investigation, and inquiry will enable you to hire the right paint contractor to work with.

1. Initial screen

Most customers want contractors with considerable experience and a good reputation in this field. They also want a company that is licensed and legitimate to run a business. Relatives, friends, and neighbors are your good sources for references. If the contractors you come across fit the bill, then they’re qualified for the next step.

2. Have a meeting with the shortlisted contractors

Let’s say that you’ve finally picked several qualified candidates after the initial screen. Then narrow your list down to just three contractors. Next, call in these three contractors to show up at your property to get to know them personally as well as to give them the opportunity to inspect the condition of your house. If a contractor spends his time assessing your home, it’s a good indication he will be able to give you a more reasonable estimate.

You may also discuss other factors and issues with the contractors, including their crew, their working hours, the paints and materials they use, not to mention their experience level.

Of course, it is also important that you voice your expectations. Tell them what you specifically want in a paint job. For instance, you want double coats of paint, or you want the surface to be primed before painting, or you want to forgo priming altogether. You may even request they use your preferred paint color, paint brand, as well as the paint finish.

3. Get estimates

After meeting with the contractors, request a written estimate from each of them. The estimate should include a detailed account of paints, primer, and materials, as well as labor costs, protecting items (such as furniture) while painting, the number of days that the project will take, and the amount of time of surface preparation as well as cleanup after the painting job. There should be a breakdown of costs as well as a total cost.

4. Get references

In addition to the estimate, also request each contractor provide a list of references. These references will allow you to decide if the contractor has a good work history and good working relations with past clients.

Call up the contractors’ past clients and ask them about the quality of the contractor’s work as well as his professional etiquette, punctuality, etc. If possible, visit the homes of the past clients to personally inspect the work that the contractors have done. If what you get are mostly positive results from the past clients, then you know that the contractor is almost a shoo-in for your job.

For additional research, go to the Better Business Bureau website ( to check if your potential contractor has unresolved issues with past clients.

5. Obtain the contract

The winning contractor will then provide you with the contract which should contain important information such as the company’s name, street address, contact details and license number, when and how much the contractor will be paid, among other details. Read the contract thoroughly to make sure that nothing should be left out.

6. Request for a guarantee

Always ask for a written guarantee! Read the written guarantee carefully and thoroughly to make sure you are aware of the things that the job covers, and others that it doesn’t. If there are things in the guarantee that you don’t understand or you want to make clear, discuss it with your contractor.

7. Make the partial payment first

When paying the contractor, always remember to never pay a full down payment. Make a partial payment first, then withhold the rest of the payment until the job is finished (and you’re absolutely satisfied with it). The final payment is usually between 10% to 15% of the full price of the job.

Hiring the right painter for the interior house painting in Danville should even be done with all consideration. After all, it’s your house, and you cannot afford to experience a shabbily done painting job by a contractor. You want your house to look as good as possible, and it’s only fitting that you deserve the best interior painter that you can find.


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