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House Painting Pleasanton: How Long to Paint Exterior?

House Painting Pleasanton: How Long to Paint Exterior?

House Painting Pleasanton: How Long to Paint Exterior?

Many people ask if they can do house painting in Pleasanton, and how long would it take them to paint the exterior? The answer may surprise you.

Typically, painting the exterior will take longer than painting the interior of the house. Obviously, the bigger the house, the longer it will take them to cover the house’s exterior with paint. Besides, the exterior surfaces protect our homes from natural elements such as sun and moisture, so you can see that they take a lot of beating. Aside from the painting part itself, there’s also the preparation of the surface that needs to be done.

It’s hard to assess the exact duration of the exterior painting job without seeing the house itself. Custom Painting, Inc. will send an estimator to your home to provide an estimate if you would like one.

If you ask about how long it takes for a professional painter before finishing the job, typically he is able to paint about 75 square feet an hour when doing the exterior painting. And this doesn’t include other areas of the exterior such as the trim, windows, doors, and other more elaborate and intricate parts.

Since most of the exterior painting job involves stepping up on a ladder and most professional painters are used to working on ladders, as a homeowner you may see yourself covering about 25 square feet an hour. So if a professional painter is going to take about 75 hours to cover the whole exterior of your home with paint, you may expect it will take yourself 150 to 225 hours to do the same thing. For many people, this amount of time is still a good use of time. You can also save some money by painting the exterior by yourself.

Still, since houses may differ in size — there are houses with high ceilings, bungalows, and houses with two or more stories — the answer to the question in this topic is that how long it takes to paint your exterior depends on a number of factors. You may also have to estimate how much paint you are going buy just for the exterior.

For instance, your house is about average size and the exterior surface is smooth and in good condition, it would take about 1 gallon of paint per each 400 square feet. If the surface is made of primed wood and the paint quality is particularly good, then you will be able to apply one coat of paint to adequately cover the surface.

Measure the space to be painted and compute the area in square feet. Then, divide the area by 400 to finally get the number of gallons you’ll need for one coat of paint. Rough and textured surfaces such as stucco will require much more paint. For this, one gallon of paint will only cover 200 square feet, so to estimate how much paint you need for this type of surface you’ll need to divide using 200 sq ft/gallon.

A well-prepped surface and good quality paint will not only save you time but also save you money and effort on your exterior house painting in Pleasanton. Consult only the legitimate and professional painting contractors in Pleasanton and the surrounding areas for more useful, helpful painting tips and tricks.


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