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House Painting Pleasanton – Interior Painting Problems to Avoid

House Painting Pleasanton – Interior Painting Problems to Avoid

House Painting Pleasanton – Interior Painting Problems to Avoid

If you want your house painting in Pleasanton to look as smooth and polished as possible, there are some common interior painting mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Not doing prep work
    The key to a good paint finish is good prep work. Prepping includes cleaning the walls, removing any decors and fixtures and/or covering furniture, repairing surface flaws and priming (which is optional). It might not be the fun part and you may want to go straight to painting. Remember that good preparation includes making sure your walls will look clean, dry, smooth and free from any flaws or debris. This is the first step that should always be taken before you begin to paint.
  2. Not sampling the colors before buying paint
    It’s important to sample the colors so that you won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong paint color. Paint chip color samples aren’t sufficient enough to help you visualize the color once it’s on your wall. Buy a few sample pots and paint different walls to see how different they would look when natural or artificial lights hit them. This is a more effective way to sample the colors before deciding which paint color to buy. If you hesitate to paint the wall, buy some white poster board, paint them, and then tack them to the walls to get an idea of how the paint will look.
  3. Removing the painter’s tape after the paint has dried
    It’s best to pull the tape up while the paint is still wet. Otherwise, the dried paint may also be pulled up with the tape.
  4. Painting the ceiling last
    If you decide to include the ceiling in your painting job, it’s important to paint the ceiling first. If you paint the walls first before the ceiling, there’s a good chance that the newly painted walls might be ruined by the dripping paint from the ceiling.
  5. Choosing the wrong sheen
    For instance, painting the high-traffic areas with a flat paint (instead of paint with a glossy finish) might make them more difficult to clean.
  6. Buying cheap paints
    Sure, you may save a lot of money by buying cheap paints. But buying high-grade paints will make your job a lot easier. It requires fewer coats but provides better coverage, therefore saving you time and effort. Plus, branded paints stay longer, won’t fade, and are more durable than cheaper or inferior paints.
  7. Buying cheap tools
    You may have bought good quality paints, but you will still end up with a bad finish if you buy inferior tools. Chances are you may see some bristles left or lumps of roller after you have painted. Some tools may even fall apart while you paint. If you want to get things done and done well, buy good quality tools.
  8. Applying the second coat too soon
    Patience is a virtue in everything we do, including painting our home. Sure, we want to get the painting done as soon as possible, but some things require time in order to achieve a smooth job. If you apply a new coat before the first coat dries it will mess up your entire paint job. It will result in obvious brush strokes or paint coming off the surface. To be safe, let the first coat dry for at least 24 hours before applying a second coat.
  9. Not boxing the paint
    “Boxing” is another term for mixing paint. When you have a lot of walls to paint and need a lot of gallons of paint, it’s important to “box” or to mix all of paint to achieve a consistent color throughout the room. Mix all of the paint in a 5 gallon bucket to ensure the color is the same throughout the painting job.
  10. Not priming the room
    Priming the surface definitely helps to achieve a more perfect paint finish. It covers flaws, blocks stains from bleeding through the topcoat, and most importantly, helps the topcoat to adhere to the surface.

Fortunately most mistakes are minor and easy to deal with. Contact professional painting contractors such as Custom Painting, Inc. to ensure you avoid these mistakes when house painting in Pleasanton.


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