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House Painting Pleasanton – Preparing the Home for Exterior Painting

House Painting Pleasanton – Preparing the Home for Exterior Painting

House Painting Pleasanton – Preparing the Home for Exterior Painting

Like in any homes in Pleasanton, your house too needs to update to a new look, not only on the inside but also on the outside. Painting the exterior of the house is not as easy as it seems compared to painting inside the house. In truth, exterior house painting in Pleasanton can also be quite demanding work, and much of the time is spent in preparing the surfaces before you begin to apply paint on it. But all the efforts will be worth it if you carefully follow these valuable tips.

  1. First, you need to determine how much of your house’s exterior you would like to apply a new paint. You may want to paint the entire house, or you do only some parts such as gables, shutters and trims. It depends on your needs or preference.
  2. If you are still not sure what paint color would you like to apply, it’s recommended that you procure or buy quarts of your preferred paint colors. Then make comparisons by creating bigger samples of the paint color. Another suggestion is to browse sample books which may help you decide on what kind of color combinations would you like apply on your house. The Internet is also a good way to browse houses and house paints. You should keep in mind that the new paint color for your house should at least harmonize with your neighborhood’s homes.
  3. Of course, it is necessary to keep a clean surface of your house’s exterior. If your house looks relatively easy to clean, a hose, a brush and a proper cleaning solvent are sufficient. There are safe detergents that are specifically made for house cleaning, such as mold and mildew-removing cleaning agents.
    But if your house suffers extensive peeling, then a pressure washer will do the trick. Be careful though when choosing the nozzle, or else the robust stream coming out of the pressure washer could damage wood and even windows. There is also a chance that the water may seep into the overlapping siding of your house, so you must exercise a little caution when using the pressure washer. Clean downspouts, eaves and gutters as well as some problem areas of the surface. After you’re through cleaning, rinse the surface of your house.
  4. Using a steel brush, scrape away loose paints in areas where power washing didn’t reach.
  5. Address any surface problems and flaws such as nail holes, cracks, etc. by using putty and caulks. If windows are not in good shape, have them repaired and re-applied with epoxy putty as much as possible. Where parts of the house call for scraping off the old caulk, do it when necessary and then apply new caulk. Also, apply primer on exposed areas where the paint has flaked off, worn thin or blistered. For any bare wood you come across, have it repaired by administering a primer on them before applying caulk.
    *Caulk – a filler and sealant used to seal joints and seams
    **Primer – is also called an undercoat. Primer is always distinct from paint, as the former helps the paint adhere better on the surface. As a result, the paint becomes durable. The primer also adds double protection to the surface being painted.
  6. Use drop cloths under areas (such as on bushes or flower beds) where you’re going to paint. Then it’s time to actually begin the painting job!

If you follow these important exterior steps for house painting in Pleasanton, the result will be a home that looks almost brand new!


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