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House Painting Pleasanton – The Right Prep Work Can Mean Longer Lasting Exterior Paint

House Painting Pleasanton – The Right Prep Work Can Mean Longer Lasting Exterior Paint

When you are looking at house painting in Pleasanton, one thing you will certainly want is a paint job that lasts a long time so you will not be required to repeat the job too soon. The most important thing to do to secure the longest possible time between paint jobs is to do the proper preparatory work on the building before applying paint.

Preparation is the main difference between most professionals and the average do-it-yourselfer. Professional painters have learned that getting things prepared properly will make the finished product more durable (and, often, more beautiful).

Begin your preparation work by examining the house for leaks and moisture issues. These, even if they are interior issues such as leaks in the roof or drips in the basement, can cause vapor that pushes the paint from the walls as it exits through pores in the exterior wood. Be sure kitchens and bathrooms are vented to the outside of the house. These are things that will need to be repaired anyway, so this is something you will not want to skip.

Check for damage on the surface of the exterior walls. If you find areas that are rotting, chewed by insects, or damaged by impact from ladders or accidental projectiles (such as from a lawn mower), do not paint until you have repaired the damage. Check around external fixtures and fasteners for rust, as it will discolor any paint it touches. Water will extend the discoloration below the rust, as well. Replace or sand and paint (with rust inhibitor) these fixtures and fasteners.

Clean thoroughly. Paint will not stick to the wall if there is dirt in the way. Mildew, spider webs, and grease are other substances that will affect the quality of your paint job. A garden sprayer attached to your hose can be helpful. You can add cleaning solution to spray on the wall, as well as bleach to kill any mildew that may be present. A power washer may be helpful, as well, although it is certainly possible to hand-scrub any areas that need extra attention. Using a power washer has its own cautions because it can be damaging if you are not careful.

If there is damaged paint anywhere, it should be carefully scraped off, and the area sanded smooth. Failure to do this will create weak spots in the new paint. Be sure to wipe or rinse the dust created by this process so it does not get in the way of the new application.

Finally, add primer, if needed. A good primer is never a bad thing, but it is not absolutely necessary, either. If in doubt, go ahead and use primer. Primer will fill in tiny cracks and create a surface perfect for the final paint layer. If you had to scrape off a lot of old paint, primer should be used.

Once the preparation is complete, you are well on your way to an excellent experience when house painting in Pleasanton and one that will last for years to come.


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