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House Painting Pleasanton – Things Contractors Should Do Before Starting to Paint Inside a Home

When you are hiring a painting contractor to handle your interior house painting in Pleasanton, there are some things you can expect the contractor to do before beginning the painting portion of the project. The following are some things painting contractors generally handle before they begin painting.

Your contractor should have a plan. This should include a schedule that you can see, so you can know when to expect them to arrive, when they plan to be finished, and how many people to expect. If the contractor has a multi-day or multi-step plan, you can watch to be sure that progress is being made and his self-imposed deadlines are being met.

The painting contractor will be able to look around your house and find any potential problems that may hinder progress, and whether it is likely to add cost to the final bill. Ask about this – both what problems could arise, and whether they will add to the final cost of the project. The presence of such substances as lead and asbestos may be issues that need to be addressed.

The protection of other surfaces should be handled by the contractor, as well. Drop cloths for the floors and furniture, and possibly plants, are usually provided by the company. Taping over trim will protect it. Other accessories, such as faceplates, should be removed, if possible, or taped.

The walls need to be prepared properly. While it is generally expected that the homeowner will wash the walls to remove dirt, the contractor will spot-clean anything missed. Sometimes they will treat for mold or mildew and scrape peeling paint. If you are not sure that the contractor will do this, ask. The contractor will do minor repairs such as filling in holes left by pins, nails, or screws. They will fill them in with spackling or something like it, and then sand to make it even and smooth. If window frames and trim need to be caulked, they will often handle that for you.

If you are having a drastically different color put on your walls, or if the paint is a different base (latex instead of oil), or if the surface is a porous material, the next thing they will do is add primer. Primer seals the walls and prepares it to accept the topcoat. It is now possible for most primers to be tinted a color close to the final wall color, which aids in the overall process by adding to the final color rather than having to be covered by the final color.

When your next project is interior house painting in Pleasanton, knowing what to expect from a contractor can help you to get the best possible results.


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