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House Painting San Ramon – Matching Paint Colors

House Painting San Ramon – Matching Paint Colors

Choosing and matching paint colors when house painting in San Ramon appears to be a fun thing to do. But the fact is it can be quite a hard task. Unless you have found your own style that you are sure of, you still may not have any idea or may be bewildered about how to pick and match paint colors. To ease down the trouble of matching paint colors, take a look at these suggestions.

Pick your color inspiration from your rug, or your favorite artwork, for instance. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean your paint color should exactly match that of the rug or the artwork. You may pick several shades from the colors in these items to create harmony around the room.

Do not ignore the floor color. It is the second largest surface next to the walls and has a color of its own. Even wooden floors have their own shades, and they will tremendously affect how a new paint color will look.

Your home’s furniture and fixtures may also affect your choice of paint colors. For instance, if you have a dark fireplace or sofa, painting your walls with a crisp white or lighter shade will make the fireplace color pop. Or if you have natural-colored cabinets or wooden railings, find a paint color that is several shades away to blend with the colors of your cabinets or railings.

Consider your room. If you have to paint a cozier place such as a study room or living room, or bigger rooms splashed with lots of light, paint them with deeper colors. Deeper colors generally tend to suit these types of spaces. However, use strong colors in smaller amounts to bring depth and focus to points in your room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, and don’t hesitate to think outside the box. The eclectic look is rather the “in” thing these days. There so much to do with paint that you don’t have to confine yourself to one color. Try some different paint effects. You may use different colors on the same wall. Or for a more decorative effect, use different paint finishes. For instance, paint your entire surface with a flat paint first; once the paint dries, you can stencil over the flat paint with another paint of a glossy finish.

“Try before you buy” – once you realize that you have bought the wrong paint color when it’s on the wall, you may choose to repaint it. But that will take a lot more time, energy and expense just to correct your error. Try not to choose colors too quickly. Take home several paint chips or swatches and see how the colors would look in your room as if they were actually painted. Hold the color chips up to your furniture, cabinets, floor, door, and anything else that you can find your room. A better way to prevent the error from happening is to pick up paint samples and begin by testing colors. Paint the samples of each color (it depends on how many colors you have chosen, but narrow your choices to three or four colors) on the wall; make sure you cover a large enough area to get really a sense of how this particular paint color will suit the room.

Matching paint colors takes a lot of more work than one would realize. Some of the suggestions above can ease your task of choosing and matching paint colors when painting. These tips can ensure you of the results you want – the colors and shades that you desire and that will also perfectly match the other elements of your room when house painting in San Ramon.


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