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House Painting San Ramon – Painting Techniques to Help Paint Last Longer

House Painting San Ramon – Painting Techniques to Help Paint Last Longer

House Painting San Ramon – Painting Techniques to Help Paint Last Longer

When you are preparing for house painting in San Ramon, one thing you do not want is to have to redo it again very soon. There are some things to pay attention to that will help the paint job last longer before it needs to be repainted.

Prepare the walls properly. Using a primer made for the surface and for the paint you will be using will go a long way toward helping your paint job to last a long time. Primers seal the surface, and will count as a coat of paint if you choose a color that complements or matches the color you intend to use on the wall.

Before priming, be sure the surface is dry and not too cold or too hot. If you are painting wood, be sure it has not been in sunlight for too long – if it has, you will want to sand it or wash it before painting. If the weather is too humid, the paint will not set properly and that will result in a paint job that doesn’t last as long. If outdoor walls made of wood are installed on the foam or foil insulating boards directly, any moisture that gets in between will exit through the wood, causing the paint to flake or come off. Spacer strips called furring can keep this from being a problem.

Another thing that can be a problem for wood is what is known as “mill glaze.” This refers to wood that, during processing, developed a hard resinous glaze on the surface. The glaze must be removed by sanding or power washing before the paint will properly adhere to it.

If the wood underneath the paint has begun to decay or rot, the paint will not stick properly, either. Repairing any damaged areas before painting will help the paint job to last much longer.

Make sure you have plenty of proper ventilation, to help the paint to dry thoroughly. A nice, smooth finish will help protect the whole paint job.

Don’t use old paint. If the paint has been stored for many years, it may have lost a lot of its quality and integrity. Do some research and be sure you have a good quality paint to ensure the job lasts as long as possible. Some things to check on a stored can of paint before using it include its smell (does it smell like paint?), its drying time (use a test area), and its thickness. If all of these match fresh paint, then you can probably use it without any trouble. Do remember, though, that a colored paint will be difficult to match if you run out and need to buy more; all paint of a specific color you need should be purchased at the same time.

If you want your paint job to last when you are taking care of house painting in San Ramon, prepare, prime and research. Most of all don’t be afraid to talk to professional painting contractors if you need their help.


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