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Interior Painting Concord – Secrets to a Successful Interior Paint Job

Interior Painting Concord – Secrets to a Successful Interior Paint Job

What do you do when the paint on the walls begins to look a little dingy, or you are ready for a change? Interior painting for Concord homeowners is possible if you know the secrets to a successful interior paint job. Unfortunately it is very easy to do things poorly. Doing the job right requires care, proper technique, and is usually aided by experience.

The first step to interior painting is preparation. If you can move everything out of the room you wish to paint, it will make the whole job a little easier. This includes removing doors, light fixtures and hardware, outlet covers, etc. It is wise to label everything so you can return it to its proper place when you are finished with the job.

You want to paint the walls, not the floors or furniture, so cover everything that remains in the room. Use a good quality drop cloth made of canvas or plastic. Remember that plastic sheets will catch paint, but will not absorb and are slippery. Thin cloth such as bed sheets will allow paint to seep through, so they do not make good drop cloths for your interior painting job.

Make any repairs needed on the walls. Some things that need to be addressed are water damage, peeling paint, problems with the drywall, plaster, or whatever is under it, cracks or lines. Some of these may have resulted from old wallpaper or previous paint jobs.

You can find blemishes on the walls that need repair easily by holding a lamp with a bare bulb near the wall. This will highlight any imperfections. Running your hand flat over the wall may also turn up areas needing repair.

Sanding the walls removes any old paint and gives a good surface to help new paint adhere. To sand trim, use a sandpaper sponge which will fit itself to the curves and edges of the trim. Be sure to wash the walls after sanding, since painting over dust leaves a texture on your wall that you may not want. Use TSP (trisodium phosphate) or something similar for the best results. If your walls have smoke stains, remove them with a 50/50 bleach and water solution. Use two buckets when you wash, one with cleaner and one with clear water. Use the clear water to rinse your sponge or rag each time, to capture the dust and dirt before going back into the cleaner for the next section.

For the best results, it is best to prime and then paint. Use just enough paint so your brush or roller is full, but does not drip. Paint trim from the top down to prevent dust or dirt from being shifted upward. If you do the trim before you do the walls, you don’t have to worry about getting a little trim paint on the wall, as you can paint over it. Work with a second person if you can, so one can cut in while the other uses the roller while the cut in area is still wet.

Getting your interior painting in Concord just right is simple, but not easy. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to handle all the details for you. Either way, you can have a successful interior paint job.


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