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House Painting San Ramon: Should I Use a Brush for the Exterior?

House Painting San Ramon: Should I Use a Brush for the Exterior?

House Painting San Ramon: Should I Use a Brush for the Exterior?

If there’s one thing about house painting in San Ramon, it is that you can be flexible. You can use whatever painting tools that you want or need.

For some people the burning question is, “Should I use a brush for the exterior?” The answer is, of course, you should — at least for some parts of the surface. While some think that this is a no-brainer, the question is not otherwise dumb — not at all. If you are a professional contractor though, you may not consider using a brush for your entire exterior paint job. For the DIY-er’s though, painting the exterior surfaces with a brush is certainly feasible and in fact beneficial. Why? Learn more below.

  1. Painting with a brush will enable you to save a lot of paint. If you have already estimated how much paint you will actually need, you know the number of gallons of paint you should buy. There’s maybe a little extra amount, but that’s definitely better than running short on paint — you may use the leftover paints for touch-ups.
    Spray painting the exterior, on the other hand, is considered wasteful because much of the paint will just get carried away by the wind.
  2. Painting with a brush requires less effort. If you think that spray painting is less laborious than painting with a brush, think again! When you are about to use a sprayer to paint the surface, you have to mask the other parts which you don’t want painted.
    Besides, you can’t cut in corners or paint around doors and windows when you use a paint sprayer.
  3. Painting with a brush will also enable you to cover the more detailed and decorative parts of your home.
  4. Using a brush to paint also allows you to closely see problem areas that you may have otherwise ignored. When you have to do painting closer to the surface, you may chance upon some smaller flaws such as cracks or tiny holes which may need sealing or patching work first before painting.
  5. Painting with a brush gives you gratification. Other methods (like spraying or rolling) require prep work such as masking a lot of areas and/or covering things. With the paintbrush method, all you have to do is to wear the appropriate clothing and some protective gear (like a face mask) — even old clothes will do, as long as they feel comfortable to the painter and will not cause accidents.

House painting in San Ramon gives you the option to work with any methods you are comfortable with — brushing, rolling, or spraying. Most DIY painters though, will choose brushing because they see it as the most practical (as well as the most satisfying) method.


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