Painting Your Stairs While House Painting Pleasant Hill

Decorating is a great way to enhance the look of your space. But if you don’t have much budget for that, house painting in Pleasant Hill can more than suffice. A splash of new color can dramatically change the look of your home.

Most people don’t look at the stairs. They simply allow you to move from one floor of the home to another. The stairs can provide an exciting interior design and decorating opportunity. Newly painted stairs (especially when painted in striking colors and designs) will surely garner attention from your guests.

Since the stairs get a lot of traffic from the footing, they at least deserve some dressing-up, provided that the stairs are not carpeted (or if they are carpeted you’ve decided to remove the carpet). Tired of the plain, old look of your stairs? Then it’s time for a change!

Before starting to paint, first make sure that the stairs are thoroughly cleaned and sanded. Tape any areas that you don’t want to paint. You’ll also want to use good quality paints and tools.

When choosing paints, choose one that is durable and that is developed and formulated to weather repeated beatings and scruff marks from the foot traffic. One of the recommended paints for stairs is Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel. Not only it is durable, but it is also highly resistant to dirt and cleans easily. Despite its satin finish, it is also formulated not to be slippery, and you can tint it with your preferred colors.

And speaking of preferred colors, here are some ideas for how to paint your stairs that you might like to consider:

  1. Are you tired of the uniform look of the stair risers? You might want to paint each one of them with a different color to provide a pop of color in an otherwise overlooked space. You may choose one color of several shades or totally different colors. Or you can match the color of your stair risers to the color of your furniture.
  2. If you also have an artistic hand, you can add a touch of decor on your stair risers. Take inspiration from nature, food, textile design, your travels, or your favorite decorative piece or artwork. Then translate those inspirations to your own stair risers as art. You can also paint or stencil letterings of your favorite quotes on each stair riser. If you love to count, you could add stenciled numbers on the stair risers for a fun and whimsical touch. There are decorative decals available that are specially made for the stair risers. The transformation will definitely wow your guests!
  3. Having stair runners are a good idea especially if you’ve got kids, elderly folks, or anyone else with mobility concerns. Partially carpeted stairs with runners make going up and down the stairs a lot safer, not to mention they also provide you great design ideas. If you’ve got dark-colored runners, you can match them with lighter colors for the staircase and vice-versa, or provide the staircase with a totally contrasting color to increase the interest factor.
  4. Stairway railings, handrails, balusters, and banisters are some of the quick and fun parts to paint inside the house. Not only they are functional, but they also give visual appeal.

If you have an elegant white staircase with railings of classic designs, you may paint the handrails and banisters with a darker color such as chocolate brown or ebony to create an interesting contrast (and save your formal-looking staircase from becoming totally boring). For intricately-wrought iron railings and decorative balusters that match the otherwise plain white staircase, highlight the balusters by painting them in bold colors such as black, deep brown, or even a touch of gold and silver. Contemporary staircases often call for simpler colors that define the clean and crisp lines.

House painting in Pleasant Hill offers you the opportunity to be creative. The stairs are only one of those areas that you can unleash your artistic side, making painting them less tedious and more fun.