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House Painting San Ramon: Using Paint to Give the Ceiling a Fresh Look

House Painting San Ramon: Using Paint to Give the Ceiling a Fresh Look

House Painting San Ramon: Using Paint to Give the Ceiling a Fresh Look

Interior house painting in San Ramon is a cost-effective way to freshen up the look of your space. Like the walls, your ceiling also needs a fresh coat of paint every now and then. Compared to painting walls, painting a ceiling has a different approach and is a bit more challenging. Custom Painting, Inc. shares some tips on how to achieve a refreshed look on your ceiling.

First of all, of course, you need to have the appropriate tools for the job. You should buy top quality paint. If your room has an average size, a gallon of high-quality paint for a single coat will do.

Apart from the paint, you will also want to have the following tools:

  • Roller with an extension handle. This will save you from stepping up on a ladder.
  • Drop cloths, either newspapers or canvas cloths are preferred.
  • Roller pad. For smooth ceilings, a regular roller nap will do. But if your ceiling is textured, buy an extra-thick nap.
  • Roller tray; metal trays are the preferred option.
  • Three to four inch good quality paint brush.
  • Good quality painters tape.
  • Rags to wipe off spills.

Optional tools:

  • Primer or sealant
  • Goggles and face mask to protect your face from dripping paint

Remove the furniture out of the room. If the furniture pieces are immovable because they are built in or too heavy, cover them with drop cloths. If you’re not going to paint the walls or any of the trim and baseboards, they will need to be covered, too.

Cut in the ceiling using a paint brush, about 3-inches wide around its perimeter. If you had to use the primer for the ceiling, apply it in the same direction. That way, the roller doesn’t have to come into direct contact with the wall or trim when you begin rolling.

Now it’s time to paint the ceiling! This should be a relatively easy process. Evenly coat the roller pad with the paint from the paint tray. Do left to right strokes, instead of up and back, and fill the roller pad again with paint. Do not overfill the pad, or else the paint may drop off the roller. You may not be aware if you have stepped on dripped paint on the protected floor and then track paint into other areas of the house, so be careful.

Just do the job slowly and carefully, as you don’t have to hurry unless you’re a professional painter.
How about the paint color of the ceiling? White is the classic choice for ceilings as it makes the room seem higher. This is ideal especially for rooms with low ceilings. But if you are tiring of white, you may want to try cream or pale yellow for the low ceiling.

A room with a more open space and/or a higher ceiling will present more opportunities for you to try other colors than white or cream. Even though there are many hues available, still you must consider the color of the walls or the architecture of your room to decide whether you must paint the ceiling with a harmonizing or contrasting color.

For instance, if you have a large room with a lot of furnishings and decor but whose ceiling is bare and white, the atmosphere may feel cold and impersonal. Paint the ceiling with a darker color like bronze or chocolate brown to tone down the busy look of the room, as well as to give it a warm, cozy atmosphere.

The ceiling is the part of the house that is often ignored but you will be surprised that painting it can give a whole new look to your room. If you are unable to do the painting, for whatever reason, contact Custom Painting, Inc. or other professional painters to do the house painting in San Ramon.


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