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Interior Painting Danville – Add Tuscan-Inspiration with Paint

Bringing the atmosphere of Tuscany into your bathroom can be as simple as adding a bit of paint just the right way. You can do your interior painting in Danville by yourself, or you can hire a professional to make sure your rooms are the best possible quality.

The Tuscan look has become popular. The look is warm and welcoming due to its aged or weathered appearance. It consists of a variety of materials, ranging from terra cotta, tile, and leather to wrought iron, marble, copper and wood. The colors most often used with the Tuscan look are those most often seen in the Tuscany area, such as dark warm brown, rust red, burnt orange, sunshine yellow, olive green, and deep Mediterranean blue. Because of this versatility, the look can be made to appear rustic or formal, and the look is amazingly simple to achieve. Elements are readily available in many retail and home improvement stores.

Begin with a neutral base coat. This will be either a basic eggshell or off-white or a very light brown. This layer will need to dry for at least 24 hours before moving on to the next step. You will need to decide next whether you want to add interest with texture or only color.

If you choose texture, the next step is to mix some of your base color with joint compound to the consistency of a thick cake batter. You can either use a comb-edge spreader to make a stucco-like texture, or you can use a regular spreader and add the mixture thicker in some areas and thinner in others to make an uneven, weathered texture. If you choose color only, use a rag or sponge to add a wash of color. Let this layer dry 24 hours before doing any more to it.

Adding details can often make or break the look. You can do this in several ways including the use stencils to add grape vines, sponge on brick or stone shapes. You can also add antiquing or crackle glaze or paint a fresco or mural that includes vines, rolling hills, or terra cotta buildings.

Another option is to add depth by using two accent colors. Mix a light accent color, such as yellow, with water until it is fairly thin. Dip a 2.5 inch brush into it and leave it almost dripping, and make uneven lines on the wall. Use a damp cloth to blend the edges into the background color. Mix a cool, dark accent color, such as olive green, with water to make it runny. Use a flat edged brush to add diagonal lines to the walls, dabbing with a cloth to soften the lines. Repeat this step with a warm dark accent color such as brick red. This combination makes the walls look old and weathered. You can make adjustments here. If there are spots that are too dark, brighten them with the lighter accent wash. If there are spots that are missing accents, add it here.

Once the details have dried (another 24 hours is a good plan), seal the walls to keep them looking great. Two coats of clear sealer is usually a good plan. You can add accessories; then all that is left is to enjoy your Tuscan bathroom, created through interior painting in Danville!


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