Painting Contractors San Ramon – Repainting Your Kitchen to Help Resell Your Home

When it is time to sell your house and move, you want to do what you can to get the best price for your home. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, repainting it can help with the resale value. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire painting contractors in San Ramon, you need to have a plan.

Why do you want to repaint the kitchen? One reason is to increase the value a lot with only a little investment. Repainting usually costs, on average, about $500-$700, but can increase the house’s value by $1,500 to $2,000. It also helps the prospective buyers to see a blank canvas, enabling them to more easily see themselves, their families, and their stuff in the house. When a buyer can make the house feel like home in his or her mind, it is a much smaller step to actually buying it.

Take a look at your kitchen. What style do you have in there now? If your kitchen is already a standard or classic look, simply repainting will it freshen the area and brighten it. If you have a unique kitchen, done in bold colors and a unique style that fits your taste and personality, then you will want to repaint it to give it that blank canvas look. While some people may like the same uniqueness that you do, not everyone will, so leaving it as it is may limit your chances to sell.

The main thing to consider when repainting is what color you will use on your walls. There are three common categories for kitchen wall colors: neutral, pale, and food.

Neutral colors are your whites and off-whites, beiges, and related colors. Beige is a warm color, very neutral but not plain. It is unlikely to clash with any color a buyer may want to use. Cream is lighter, but still not white. It brings a clean, fresh feel to the room, while still being completely neutral. White is standard for clearing out a room. Some people may prefer plain white, but it can feel stark and cold instead of welcoming. On the other hand, white can also be a timeless, classic color. How to prospective buyer sees it will greatly depend on the layout and style of the kitchen itself.

Pale or pastel colors are good options if you don’t want neutral, but you still want something most people will like. Buttery yellow is almost a neutral, but not quite. It is a sunny color and feels cozy. It invokes joy in the viewer. Sage green is a natural calm and soothing color. It is reminiscent of nature and the outdoors. Powder blue is also a very calming color, and will make the area feel fresh and cheerful, like the blue sky or a blue lake.

Food group colors are mostly in the red-orange-yellow part of the spectrum. Think colored bell peppers (but more muted or softer). Reds can be like tomatoes and apples; orange reminds of oranges or carrots; yellows can be like bananas or yellow apples. Light brown, like bread, is another possibility.

Whether you want your finished look to be contemporary or classic, discuss your repainting ideas with your painting contractors in San Ramon and they will help you find the best colors to repaint your kitchen to get the best resale value.