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Is There a Cost of Not Doing House Painting in San Ramon?

Is There a Cost of Not Doing House Painting in San Ramon?

Is There a Cost of Not Doing House Painting in San Ramon?

There’s no doubt that good quality house painting in San Ramon will give a remarkable transformation. There are many benefits a homeowner can get when his or her house is given a new coat of paint. Apart from a brand-new look and increased curb appeal, painting your home can also increase its property value.

So is there a cost of not doing house painting? Well, yes, there is. If you are seriously thinking of putting your house up for sale in the near future, remember that presentation is extremely important. For real estate and property management businesses, first impressions really do matter. This presentation of your home which is added to the resale market is called “staging.”

A beautifully painted home will be your sales pitch in order to have your home sold, so an extra effort won’t hurt and the fruits will be worth the labor.

Not having your home painted could cost you about 10% of your property value. If it is not in the best condition — peeling, chipping paint, fading color, messy rooms — it’s best to declutter your home of unnecessary items as well as prepare the surfaces to be painted.

Apart from a diminished property value, not painting your house can also mean lifeless curb appeal as well as depreciating conditions of the exterior and interior parts of the house.

It’s important to know and understand that a repainted home gives an increase of its market value. Especially if a professional painting contractor applies high-quality paint, a beautifully-repainted home can make a handsome return on the investment, by 50% to 100%. Of course, this is an estimate. Your return may be different.

A fresh coat of paint on a well-prepared exterior surface will help diminish the risk of damage caused by weather conditions such heat from the sun and moisture. High-quality exterior paint also helps avoid the cost and effort of having to repair wood decay. Increase protection by applying a durable caulk, primer, and paint which are specially formulated against moisture, dirt, and stains.

Thanks to technology and the latest scientific research, the quality paints in the present have additives that provide protection and preservation for the exterior surfaces. Some paints and primers offer protection against mildew and fading.

As for the interior surfaces, a fresh coat of paint will bring a neat, clean, appealing, and welcoming appearance to your home. Remember to use the highest-quality paints your budget will allow. Paint may be expensive, but they offer quality coatings as well as provide additional protection against stains and dirt, as well as moisture which can be detrimental to the paint on the surface.

If you are seriously seeking a high-quality painting job, it’s better to hire a reputable and professional paint contractor like Custom Painting, Inc. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. It’s better to hire one that has many years experience in the business, or that is in demand by other clients. If time, money, and especially a good paint finish matter to you, employ someone who knows the job well, rather than doing it by yourself.

So the question is, is there a cost of not doing house painting in San Ramon? The answer is, yes. In fact, not having your house painted can cause a loss in curb appeal as well as the added protection for the surface of your home which can affect the resale value of your property.


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