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Mistakes People Make Choosing Colors for House Painting in Concord

Mistakes People Make Choosing Colors for House Painting in Concord

Mistakes People Make Choosing Colors for House Painting in Concord

It’s not unusual that many people commit mistakes when house painting in Concord. But do you believe that choosing paint colors for your home can lead to errors, too? With a vast array of hues and shades to choose from, choosing colors can, in fact, be an intimidating task!

The following are some common mistakes people make when choosing paint colors:

  1. Choosing a hue by looking at the paint chip
    Choosing color only from looking at teeny-tiny color swatches can be misleading. These small paint chips are insufficient to give you a preview of what your room will look like when the walls are painted in that color. Pros often recommend painting a relatively large area of the walls with a color you’re considering before finally making a decision.
  2. Picking the paint color first
    Many people end up with the wrong paint color because they tend to choose the paint colors first. You can avoid making that mistake by determining to never choose the paint color first. Otherwise, you will be stuck as far as looking for the right things (furniture, curtains, carpets, and accessories) to match that color.
    Instead, make choosing the paint colors the last thing to do. Consider first the things in your room, such as your furniture or curtains. Look at the colors of their fabrics — they will be a good foundation for you to pick the right paint color for the walls. This will help you make sure that the walls and the furnishings complement each other rather than creating a room that is distracting and not comfortable to see.
  3. Not looking at how the color changes during the day
    Natural light, as well as artificial light, will affect how the color changes. Although paint stores — which are usually equipped with fluorescent bulbs for lighting — might attempt to provide examples of how the color would appear in different light, it is unlikely you’ll be able to visualize how the paint will look in your home and in the light you have. Therefore, it’s still better to try the paints at home to see which color works in your space throughout the day.
  4. Never considering a plan for the entire room
    If you’re going to renovate your room from scratch, it’s good to have a vision already in mind to make your plans more definite. For instance, prior to choosing a wall color, consider the color of the furniture that you already have. The color of the furnishings will enable you to pick the right color for your walls that will match them. Don’t forget to look at the bigger picture by thinking that wall colors should blend and flow with the entire space, not to clash with it.
  5. Never consider the trends
    There is a general rule that states you should paint a small space with a light color to make it appear bigger, and dark colors in bigger space to help the space recede it. However, a lot of people never realize that painting a small space with darker colors will make it appear cozier. You can be trendy without following the crowd and by personalizing your space the way you want it.

Homeowners are often disappointed when the color they choose for a room comes out looking the opposite of their expectations. It helps to consider these five above mentioned tips in order to avoid these common pitfalls when house painting in Concord.


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