Painting Alamo – Using Current Color Trends in Your Bathrooms

Sometimes you just get tired of looking at the same old walls in your bathroom. When you are ready to try painting your Alamo home’s bathroom, think of current color trends to make the room more up-to-date. A fresh coat of paint can give the bathroom a new look, or freshen up the look you already have. When you choose to change the color, remember to consider the colors that already exist in the flooring. Also note how the lighting works. These factors can help you choose the color scheme that will work best in the room, and that will make you feel good about what you have done with it.

The main trend today in regard to color is that there is more of it. In the past, most bathrooms were just plain white. In today’s world, color is in! There are several different ways to divide the color choices, and all of them have equal potential.

More people than ever are choosing bold palettes for their bathrooms. Since the room is usually fairly small, it can be a good place to think out of the box and do things differently. Some bold trends include apple green or icy blue with tan or white trim, bright teal, or a red and brown combination in which the reds can range through tomato, coral, rust, or burgundy, while the browns might be dark chocolate, caramel, or cinnamon colors.

Some choose a more understated pale or pastel theme. Pastels can be bright and cheerful and usually help a small space seem larger. Some choices in this category include vivid lavender, turquoise, bright peach, sunny yellow, and gray. When using gray, it is best to pair it with a brighter color, using it for an accent wall or for half of the wall rather than making the whole room gray (which can come across as dreary).

Water-related colors seem particularly appropriate for bathrooms. Sea blue, aqua, or sea green are often good for the walls, while trim and accents can be violet, indigo, sandy yellow, or mother-of-pearl. Adding a ragged or sponged texture with a slightly different shade of the same color can give the room more interest.

Adding an unexpected color is a way to make your bathroom fresh and new. Navy blue is darker than most people use, but with the right accessories, it can be amazing. Oxblood (a mixture of chocolate brown and garnet red) is unusual but a warm, cozy color. Amethyst and scarlet are great accent colors to add a splash of the unexpected to your bathroom.

Neutrals are not completely out of the question, either. Many homeowners still prefer the soft white that has been used for generations. Black and white is also a classic combination that can work in almost any bathroom.

You will want to make sure that whatever color you are painting your Alamo bathroom is flattering to skin tone, especially if you apply makeup in the bathroom. Accessories can be added to allow for colors that are too bright or too bold to put on the walls. Be bold, think out of the box, and enjoy your space.