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Painting Contractors Near Me Offer Red Brick and Paint Color Combinations

Painting Contractors Near Me Offer Red Brick and Paint Color Combinations

Brick is known for its natural and timeless appeal. It also doesn’t require frequent maintenance – only a simple clean-up will do to restore its look. But if you feel like your traditional red brick needs an update, you can change its color entirely. Or, if you want to leave your red brick bare but still seek an upgrade, you can repaint your home’s trim and accents. The overall result will still be stunning.


Painting contractors near me would offer brick pairing suggestions by basing them on relevant factors, such as the other parts of your home (roofing, shutters, etc.). Or, they may also consider your home’s overall style or its immediate surroundings.


There are plenty of great colors for your home’s brick exterior. Exterior paint is usually seen as an upgrade and does wonders for the look of your home. Check out some excellent suggestions to add some splash of new and refreshing colors to your home’s brick exterior:



You can’t go wrong with the color white. Everything looks fresh, clean, and bright in your brick home. It can also make your home look bigger. As white is a very versatile color, it works effortlessly well as an accent color. You can pair your red brick with any shade, from cream to eggshell to vanilla.


Sage green

Sage green has the color of – you guessed it – dried sage leaves. It has gray undertones that can go from subtle to strong. Sage greens are making a comeback these days as exterior paint colors that go effortlessly well with the greenery and nature surrounding your home.


But in this case, sage green is used here as an accent color. It goes well with your red brick, whether dark or light.  



Beige, like white, is a neutral color that’s also quite versatile. There are many shades of beige, ranging from lighter tans to darker taupe, that effortlessly complement red brick.



As with all neutrals, gray is a versatile color that goes well with any color. Although you can use any shade of gray, we recommend using gray with blue undertones – it will make your red brick pop.


Dark blue

It seems an unlikely choice since blue and red are complementary colors in the color wheel. However, blue – especially dark blue – works beautifully with your red brick. Add white for the trim to your dark blue exterior with red brick, and you’ve got a stunning color scheme for your home.


Choosing a paint color for your home can be nerve-wracking. If you’re still unsure, find one of several paint color visualizer software, online web apps, or mobile apps that allow you to have a preview of your home painted in your desired color or color combinations. Many of these software and apps will enable you to mix and match colors and upload photos of your own home.


Or, for surer color decision-making, you may want to seek the services of professional painting contractors near me. With several years of experience in the paint industry, these professional home painters are ready to help you by providing sound brick color suggestions. But if you’re not in the mood for a DIY brick-painting project, it’s best to hire these pros to ensure the job is done perfectly.


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