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Stucco Painting Company Near Me – Mistakes to Avoid

Stucco Painting Company Near Me – Mistakes to Avoid

When you decide to give your home some makeover, you should consider stucco for the walls. More homeowners have switched to stucco, especially for the exteriors, because of its many benefits. You may want to hire a stucco painting company near me to ensure that the job is done perfectly.


But if you decide to do DIY stucco painting, there are dos and don’ts that you should follow, just like with flat-wall painting.


Stucco does excellently, especially in covering surface flaws. It also doesn’t need frequent cleaning and maintenance as flat walls do. Stucco has excellent insulating qualities as well. But you’ll be able to enjoy those benefits if you apply stucco properly. Unfortunately, many DIY home painters neglect to do that, never knowing that it can lead to more significant and complicated surface problems.


If this is your first time doing stucco painting, you might be prone to making the following mistakes if you are not aware of them, so it’s better to know them before you start your project:


Painting dirty surfaces

If there’s one thing that could easily ruin your stucco painting project, that’s trying to paint over a dirty surface.


No matter the level of dirt on your walls, it’s still important to clean them – whether that dirt be light dust or heavy grime. Paint will not adequately stick to the surface if it’s dirty, leading to a variety of problems. If you don’t protect the areas you’re going to paint; the dirt could also find its way onto the paint itself.


Not allowing the stucco to cure

So, you’ve finished applying stucco to the surface. You believe that once you’ve applied stucco, it’s time to paint it right away.


You don’t know that stucco needs ample time to cure – at least 60 days after it has been applied. If you paint too soon, you will have more significant issues down the road.


After your stucco has been applied, refrain from touching it. While you wait for it to cure, you may want to use the time for researching and exploring what paint colors you want to apply and when is the best time to paint your stucco once it has finished curing.


Avoid cheap and inferior paints and materials

Yes, even materials can contribute significantly to the quality of your stucco painting job. It makes a big difference when you use reasonably-priced paint brushes and rollers compared to using the same materials but with lower price tags. Quality materials will also make your job a lot faster and more efficient.


As for paints, it’s worth noting that paints do expire. Unopened cans of latex paints can have a shelf life of up to two years, while an unopened can of oil-based paints can last 15 years. That is, as long as these paints are correctly stored. When you decide to go cheap and buy bargain-priced paints, they’re likely on their way to going bad, and you might end up suffering. A new paint job may look suitable for a few months but might start having some surface problems (fading, cracking, etc.) within a year. Then you’ll have to do the job all over again.


Inferior paints can deceive you with their low price. They don’t contain quality ingredients as premium paints do. With cheap paints, you won’t achieve the same coverage and color brilliance, so you will have to apply more coats of paint. You’d end up spending more on cheaper paints than buying premium paints.


Improper patching

If your home has an existing stucco exterior and you want to apply a new coat of paint over it, you may think that you’ll get away with some easy patching material to fill in cracks or holes and start painting right away.


While you may save time and money by going for the easy route, it won’t hold up well for long, and your surface will start to have bigger problems down the road.


Indeed, it is far better to take your time and money to ensure that holes and cracks are patched properly. It will lead to easier sanding, priming, and painting. Check out this guide on proper wall patching and painting.


Washing with too high pressure

Do you have plans to buy or rent a power washer? While using a power washer gets rid of your stucco exterior surface dirt more quickly and thoroughly, there’s a caveat: it can cause significant damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.


It would help if you did not use a power washer with too high pressure. Otherwise, you would smash your windows, damage your walls – or worse, hurt someone or even yourself – if you don’t use it properly.


It’s better to leave the job to the pros. If you’re going to hire a stucco painting company near me, ask them if they also offer power washing services.


You could benefit from a professionally applied and painted stucco exterior by contacting Custom Painting Inc. Our trusted team is equipped with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to paint your homes in Bay Area cities. Call us at 925-294-8062 to schedule a free consultation and estimate.


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