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Painting Fremont – What Goes into a Painting Estimate?

Painting Fremont – What Goes into a Painting Estimate?

Are you looking for painting in Fremont contractors to paint your residential or commercial property? One of the most important steps, and the first to take, is to request an estimate from them.

Painting projects come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a small household kitchen to an entire office space. So, expect a painting estimate to be the same.

However, don’t expect that all painting contractors to be the same. They may use specific paints, tools, and techniques that may be different from their competitors. While some contractors do general painting work, others offer additional services that range from general repairs to popcorn ceiling removal. If you’re looking for extra work, such as custom baseboard installation, hire a painting contractor who also offers such service.

Again, painting projects come in various shapes and sizes, so expect contractors to provide different estimates. But to give you a fair idea, here’s what the Painters Contractors Association (PCA) recommends their members to include the following details in their estimates:

• Scope of work – identifies all items and surfaces to be cleaned, repaired, protected, primed, and completed.
• Quantity of work – measures all surfaces or counts all items to be finished.
• Labor – calculates the labor cost to accomplish the job.
• Materials – calculates the materials to be used for the job.

Some painting contractors use the actual square footage of the entire property to estimate their paint projects. For example, if your property measures 2,000 square feet, the estimate for painting the walls only (interior, exterior, or both) shouldn’t be based on this measurement. Therefore, this is not the correct and accurate representation of what will be painted. Those 2,000 square meters also include the flooring and the ceiling, and they should not be included in the estimate because the painters will not paint the floors, but may include the ceilings, if required.

Other essential details to be included in the estimate:

• Inspection and measurements of the areas and surfaces to be painted, as well as what is being painted (like walls, ceilings, siding, cabinets, railings, etc.).
• Details and level of surface prep.
• Paint specifications.
• Start and completion dates.
• The terms and conditions.

Some estimates look too good to be true. The purpose of a painting estimate is to show the client the realistic (as possible) cost of the painting project and not to win a job.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors will lower their bids to win customers and then increase the price due to “new requirements” that may crop up during the project. Other contractors may not add extra cost but will rush through the job and use inferior paints and materials to cut costs. Some even abandon the job unfinished and never come back!

That’s why it’s vital to pick at least three contractors so that you can review them and differentiate their estimates. Suppose an estimate is significantly higher than the others. In that case, it’s good to ask the contractor about the reason behind the increase (could it be the paint quality or additional required repairs). If an estimate is otherwise too low, you might want to consider it as a red flag.

Of course, like all businesses, painting contractors want to make their business profitable. They need to make money; that’s why they are in this business. So, expect to see overhead costs and percentages on top of the actual project cost included in the project. But you want to make sure that their rates are fair and reasonable.

Other essential considerations while screening contractors:

• Beware of any contractor who offers a bid that’s way too low and requests full payment for their work upfront.
• Ensure that the paints specified in the estimate are what the contractor uses, not cheap paint of low quality.
• Always ask for a written contract (as opposed to a verbal contract). Make sure that the estimate and its details are in the paper.
• Read online reviews and contact references.

Truly professional and reputable painting in Fremont contractors always provide estimates free of charge. They will also gladly answer whatever questions you may have about the estimate and provide you with further details.


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