The Best Commercial Painters in Fremont Work Within Budget

Budget is the first thing that anyone can think of when starting a new commercial paint project. Especially if you’re trying to keep your business afloat, you want to make the best out of your budget, but you don’t want to compromise quality paintwork. If you are convinced that hiring the best commercial painters in Fremont will be costly, think again – it’s actually the opposite!

First of all – why should you not hire cheap painters?

If you hire cheap painters – yes, you do save some money at the beginning of the project – but it can be an expensive mistake! Just remember, you get what you pay for – cheap painters are equal to cheap work. With the low price they offer, they likely cut corners in their work. They don’t usually plan – they want to go to work straight away.

Cheap painters may not do surface preparation (or do inadequate surface preparation), use low-quality paints and brushes, and hire mostly inexperienced staff. In general, cheap, fly-by-night painting service companies hire inexperienced staff, don’t do background checks on their employees (who may have criminal records behind them), and do not follow the industry’s safety standards.

Their lack of compensation insurance is not something that customers think about when looking for a professional painter, but it really should be. While not carrying this coverage will bring the costs down, but it will also leave the customer financially liable if there’s a work-related accident. Or if the painters cause damage to the customer’s property, it will put the latter’s insurance and pockets at risk of paying for the expenses.

Painters who offer bargain services usually don’t offer guarantees or warranties for their work. They don’t want to cover the costs of materials and labor used to correct whatever workmanship faults they have. They may not even return your calls at all.

A reputable commercial painting company that puts the satisfaction of its customers will stand behind their work. They also have valid licenses, insurance, and written warranties for their finished job.

If you have a limited budget, these professional painters do their best to work around it. They make sure that they involve the right people for the job. They take their lead painter, field manager, or foreman with them, allowing them to get the scope of the job and think together about the best approach to it. At the same time, professionals make sure that everyone understands the project in the same way so that there will be no room for confusion or misunderstanding once the job actually begins. Letting either one of them may lead to costly mistakes.

Planning ahead is also crucial to any paint job. Professionals make sure that they get every important person involved on the same page for the project. They let every one of them look into the big pictures, as well as the important details. Detailed planning includes scheduling between painters or teams of painters, possible interruptions, and a lot more. Making a detailed plan prevents unnecessary surprises that may put an added dent in your budget.

You can also do your share to save money, such as doing the cleaning and prep work on the surfaces ahead of time before painters arrive at your site. If you plan to clean and prep the walls a week before you would like the walls to be painted, it’s a good chance the walls will be thoroughly dry, and the new paint will readily adhere as it should.

The cost of materials is, of course, crucial for factoring in your overall budget. Usually, painters include materials in their price front. Materials typically account for 15% to 20% of the cost of the project. True professionals use quality paints, brushes, rollers, ladders, and anything else used for the project because they are longer-lasting and will work better as painters apply them. Quality paints and materials will help run the project smoother and faster.

After the project has been completed, painting companies and their teams conduct a final walkthrough or inspection, usually with you as the owner or manager of the building, to make sure that everything has been executed to your satisfaction. If something isn’t as you expect it to be, be sure to let them know before they leave to give them an opportunity to fix it.

It’s understandable that you want to save money in your business operations, but it doesn’t mean you should hire cheap painters. The best commercial painters in Fremont may cost a little more. But with their ability to plan things for a smoother job, quality paints, and materials, as well as insurance policies and written warranties for their work, you will save more money in the long run.