Painting Inside a Closet When House Painting in Concord

House painting in Concord isn’t limited to walls and ceilings. There are parts of your house that also need a bit of refurbishing, like your built-in or walk-in closet. Since a closet has a limited space it’s recommended that it is painted with a bright color especially if you want to keep your clothes there. A bright color will make a closet appear larger, and will help you find the contents much better. However, if you want to use your closet as a place for storing tools, for example, you can choose a darker color to make the contents more obscure.

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Selecting sheen is also important because it complements a closet’s use and function. For example, if you want to make over your bathroom or kitchen closet, choose paint with a semi-gloss finish. It makes the surface easier to clean off grime, oil, sticky spills or any type of moisture. A semi-gloss finish is also ok for wardrobe closets. For closets that are meant to store tools or junk, opt for paint with a flat finish.
Painting/re-painting a closet:

  1. First, clean your closet and take out all its contents. When necessary, remove the shelves or racks, and unhook wire shelves from their clip and take them out from the closet. Sweep or vacuum any dirt and cobwebs off the corners and baseboards of your closet. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth. It is important to have clean surfaces because it will help your paint to adhere better.
  2. If there are any holes, cracks, or any type of flaws on the surface, repair them. Have putty or plaster available and use a putty knife to apply it to the flawed area. Use as much putty as necessary in order to completely fill the holes and cracks. Let the putty dry, then if there’s excess putty sand over it to smoothen the surface.
  3. Use painter’s tape to cover areas that shouldn’t be painted, such as door and window frames. Just make sure that the tape is stuck firmly so that the paint won’t bleed through.
  4. Use a primer. If your closet is currently painted with a darker color, you should prime it before applying a lighter-colored topcoat. Once applied on the surface, you should allow the primer to dry first before proceeding to paint. You may buy paint with a primer in it to save you from more effort. Use a gray-tinted primer instead of white as it offers better coverage as well as helps your lighter paint color adhere better.
  5. To cut edges of the surface: have a small container for the paint and a 2-inch angled sash brush. Fill the container with just about one inch of paint, but it still depends on the size of the closet. Dip the brush into the paint, and then start painting on every corner with a downward stroke. Make sure to paint 1 or 2 inches away from the corners so that it will blend well with the rest of the paint.
  6. Paint the rest of the area with a regular paint brush or roller. Make sure you apply the paint evenly on the surface. Erase brush marks when necessary. Remember that the paint you use must have low or no VOC so that it won’t emit noxious fumes. Make sure your space is well ventilated by turning on electric fans and opening doors and windows. Allow the paint to dry.
  7. Once dried, re-install the shelves and put the contents back into place.

When you’re doing house painting in Concord, don’t forget to liven up your closet with a new color. This will give a brand new look for your closet space.