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Choose an Accent Wall before House Painting in Pleasanton

Choose an Accent Wall before House Painting in Pleasanton

House painting in Pleasanton allows you to explore so many possibilities for decorating a room. If you are hesitant to paint your entire room in an amazing bright color, you can still go bold by painting one wall with an entirely different paint color. Or you want to complement things in your room by choosing a color of a different shade. Painting a different color on one wall can bring pizzazz to your space without making it look overpowering, and will also help draw attention towards the wall. Choosing the right color as well as the wall to be made an accent wall are the secrets to success for this method.

First you want to find out which part of your room suits best as an accent wall. If it is a living room, it may be where the TV and stereo are placed. If it’s a bedroom, you may choose a wall near the bed.

Next, determine the type of paint you will use for your accent wall. If you want to make a zing out of your room, choose bolder colors which will be the complete opposite of your existing paint color. For example, if the rest of your room is painted in reds and oranges, you can choose green, blue, or even white for your accent wall. On the other hand, if the existing colors of your room are more on the neutral side, you can choose a navy blue or scarlet red.

However, if you want don’t want bold colors for the accent wall you can go for a subtle contrast by choosing a paint color that’s several shades darker than the current paint color on your walls. This will be enough of a difference to create interest as well as help interrupt the monotony of a single-colored room.

So how do you base your option for an accent wall color? Look at the things in your room. It may be the color of your favorite pillow, or your favorite couch or artwork. Or you can rely on your personal preferences that are not found inside the room. It could be your favorite dress, or your favorite flower, or your favorite season. You may look at other inspirations to help you pick your accent wall color. Whatever color you choose, it will best reflect your personality, preference, and your imagination. As the saying goes, the sky’s the limit!

Painting a different color on one wall will help accentuate it and will also warrant instant attention without looking overbearing. For example, you want to paint your room with bold colors for your decorative accessories or special collections, but find out that painting the entire room with color will prove to be too overpowering. Painting a bright or dark color on one wall will help highlight your living room ornaments.

House painting in Pleasanton is not just a task, but it can also be an opportunity to be creative, such as choosing paint for your accent wall.


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