Painting Pleasant Hill: When to Get Exterior Painting Quotes

There’s no doubt that painting in Pleasant Hill can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home. Once the paint begins to fade or experience more serious surface problems such as cracks and peeling, no amount of landscaping can hide the fact that your home needs a fresh coat of paint.

However, painting your home’s exterior walls is not the same as painting the walls of your bedroom or bathroom. This isn’t a job that you may want to do yourself – you may prefer to hire a professional residential painter to do it. You will want to get a quote from the pros, like Custom Painting, Inc., to make sure that the job is done smoothly and safely to last for many years.

But the question is, when is the best time to get exterior painting quotes? Whether you are reading this blog post at the time it is published, or later, this article will discuss the best time of the year to start looking for professional painters to paint your home’s exterior.

How about summer?

Well, the summer season may be the best time to go out to paint the exterior walls of your home. In comparison to other seasons, in the summertime, the paint tends to dry a lot quicker. But is summer really the best time to start looking for professional painters?

If you begin this process anytime during the summer, you may have already found out (to your disappointment) that professional painters in your area are already booked for the entire season. The summer season is when professional painters are at their busiest!

The shortage of skilled labor at this point won’t help matters, either. So for some contractors, it means taking on far more work than they can handle, and as a result, they are struggling to meet commitments. In turn, for the customers, it can mean rejected requests, canceled or abandoned projects, or the inability to find the right contractors who will be able to finish the project decently and in a timely manner.

As a result, a great deal of pressure is on both parties. For the contractors, it means needing to finish the work as fast as possible to meet other commitments. And for the customers, it means not just planning for important home painting projects, but also on finding a reputable and trustworthy contractor.

So, when is the right time to get exterior painting quotes?

The answer is simple: as early as you can! Depending on the climate, exterior walls should be repainted every seven to ten years with a good quality paint job. However, don’t wait until the exterior walls are beginning to suffer surface problems to act.

The most recommended period for obtaining exterior painting quotes is late winter or early spring. It is not advisable to do this much later than that, because most painting contractors will be likely to become busier from that point forward. Also, the longer you wait, there is a lesser chance you’ll be able to see any available contractors.

When you do decide to hire a contractor, be sure to obtain a signed contract that includes a scheduled commitment when they plan to begin work on your home. And finally, keep in mind that reputable and trustworthy painting Pleasant Hill contractors should not ask for more than half of the cost of a job upfront to secure a spot on their schedule. If contractors ask for a full amount upfront, consider it as a red flag and keep looking.