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Painting Pleasant Hill: When to Get Exterior Painting Quotes

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There’s no doubt that painting in Pleasant Hill can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home. Once the paint begins to fade or experience more serious surface problems such as cracks and peeling, no amount of landscaping can hide the Read more…

Safety should not be ignored especially when doing a labor-intensive job such as house painting in Pleasant Hill. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and smooth house painting job: 1. Wear safety gear. You need to protect your eyes, Read more…

Most people who decide to do a major house painting in Pleasant Hill may spend what seems to be a fortune on good-quality painting tools, including essentials like brushes and paint rollers. Quality tools may be expensive, but you may see them Read more…

Anyone considering painting in Pleasant Hill may wonder if it is necessary to use a primer. If you have decided to do the painting yourself, you may be tempted to not use primer. However, there are many benefits for using it. One Read more…

Have you been planning to do remodeling or painting in your Pleasant Hill home? Or do you have the pleasure of having just bought a new home and getting to decide on the color scheme? Getting to plan a new house’s interior Read more…

Did you know that the exterior painting on your Pleasant Hill home can act as an extra layer of fire prevention? Adding one simple extra coat of intumescent paint could save you money and stress down the road. It might even someday Read more…

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