Prolonging Exterior Paint for Commercial Painting in Manteca

In the world of business, appearances are everything – these are where the profits and success lie. In order to attract potential customers and engage prospective employees to work with you, you had to make your business looking good – both in interiors as well as exteriors. This is done by commercial painting in Manteca.

Just when you think when prolonging the quality of an exterior paint is a complicated task, it may be partly true because of the vast scope of projects that normally consists of commercial painting. Since commercial painting cannot be done repeatedly (after a short time, at least), it’s important not just to maintain the look of an exterior paint job, but also its durability. It should be meant to last for a long, long time.

Just like in residential painting, proper preparation is key to a beautiful and long-lasting paint finish. The first step is cleaning the surface. For cleaning the exterior surfaces of commercial properties, using the power washer other methods such as sand blast cleaning. Not only does cleaning leave the surface looking fresh, but it also reveals flaws that were previously caused by heat, moisture, dirt and debris, etc.

Once the flaws (such as holes and cracks) are spotted and identified, they must be fixed by filling them with a putty like a spackling paste, wood filler or concrete filler. Let the filler dry, and sand off the excess to make the surface smooth and level. It is imperative to fix those surface damages before they get any worse. An even surface helps subsequent coatings to adhere better to it.

In case of preparing masonry before painting, there is a bit different approach. Since porous surfaces like bricks absorb a lot of the moisture, they remain damp as they cannot evaporate. Result is molds or efflorescence – streaky white crystalline and salty deposits that occur on the surface. Efflorescence is an ugly sight on brick, lime, cement and any other kinds of masonry.

In cleaning masonry, a warm and sunny weather is needed to get rid of efflorescence. A wire brush is usually used in removing efflorescence; in case of a hard or stubborn build-up, use chisel or a grinding tool. Then clean the surface with water and trisodium phosphate. Then use a brick sealant for waterproofing and a self-priming masonry coating.

The best exterior painting in Walnut Creek, including commercial painters, may use special kinds of paints or coatings to withstand natural and man-made elements, which range from extreme weather changes to pollution. These finishes made for commercial and industrial painting vary not just in terms of color and finish, but also in terms of grade. Businesses invest their resources to no less than top-of-the-line quality exterior paints and they even have these paints tested under harsh weather conditions and environments. There are also paints that are specially made to adapt to regional climates.

Water-based acrylic paints are by far the best exterior paints for commercial painting. Over the years, their formulation has considerably improved and has a tough and durable finish which mimics most oil-based paints. But unlike oil-based paints, acrylic paints do not take too long to try and adhere to surfaces a lot better. Not to mention they are environment-friendly.

But no matter how durable the topcoat is, the exterior surfaces still need regular washing and cleaning to prolong its look and quality, as well as to maximize a commercial building’s curb appeal. The usual method of cleaning exterior walls is pressure washing or power washing. Businesses usually hire professional services to do power washing periodically.

Many commercial painting in Manteca companies also offer power washing. They even provide you with a comprehensive lineup of cleaning solutions for your commercial property’s exterior surfaces.