Commercial Painters Bay Area: Painting Apartments

Commercial painters in the Bay Area are trained to paint several commercial and residential properties, which include apartments.

If you are looking for an apartment painting contractor. you want the best painters in the Bay Area and surrounding areas, you can call qualified contractors to do the job. It’s always better to choose a contractor who offers an array of diversified painting services and does other related work than prep work and painting (such as popcorn ceiling removal for older apartments).

Hiring the right painting contractor can be a challenge, depending on the scope of the project and the amount of work needed. Apartments come in many sizes and forms. You will be surprised that there are several types of apartments: studio, alcove studio, convertible studio, convertible, loft, duplex, triplex, condominium and so on. For fully trained and skilled commercial painters, no apartment for them is too big or too small, if they can do the job.

As painting apartments can pose a great challenge, you can expect that finding and hiring a contractor is not as simple as finding one from a phonebook because this or that company already sounds “professional.” Whether you want just a unit door, a particular room or area or the entire unit to be painted, you will want to heed these tips that will ensure you will find the painter that you’ve exactly wanted:

1. Search on the Internet

Most people looking for services (like commercial painting) nowadays look to the Internet as the main source for finding what they need. Searching on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines for commercial painters is a lot easier than thumbing through the yellow pages. However, you need to be more specific in your searches other than only typing in “painter” in the search bar – that will never work.

For example: if you are looking for commercial painters in Bay Area, you may type in any of these sample key phrases: “apartment painters Bay Area,” “residential painters Bay Area” or “commercial painters Bay Area.” Or if you are living in a high-rise apartment, you may also consider typing in the key words “high rise painters Bay Area” to get you to more accurate results.

2. Ask your colleagues

Asking your co-workers and colleagues is also a good way to hire potential painters. They are likely to refer you to a painter they have worked with in their past projects. If the painter is good, your colleagues are even more than just glad to recommend them to you.

If the painter is also already on any approved vendor lists, it will be easier for you to hire them especially if they are fit and able to tackle your project.

3. Request painters for licensing and insurance

Here in California, contractors are required to carry a valid license and insurance to run their business and offer services to customers. Request painting contractors for a copy of their license as well as their certificate of insurance. A proof of bonding may be also be required. If they are not able to come up with these documents, they should be considered disqualified. This is a mandatory step that should never be missed.

4. Request (and check) references

It’s important to know who you are hiring, since you will be investing considerably in a re-painting project. Ask the contractors for at least three references of the paint jobs they did in the last six months. If they fail to produce references, then you do not want to hire them as your apartment painter.

Contact the reference and make sure that you ask them with the most vital questions in regard to the painter’s quality of work and professional attitude. Questions such as “Did they use quality paints and materials?”, “Did the painter show up on time?”, “Did the painter leave the site clean?” and “Will you consider hiring this painter again?” will get you satisfactory answers.

5. Do not be led by the pricing alone

Remember that value is more important than pricing. Sure, it is quite tempting to choose a painter with the lowest price, and you may save some money initially. But be reminded that a low price reflects the quality of the work – it tends to be shabby, slapdash and overall inferior. On the other hand, a painter with a price that’s too high means that they are only relying on the name and prestige rather than the workmanship itself. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality work.

However, not hiring on the price does not mean that the price is not at all important. It simply means that you are considering the price evenly against other factors.

Usually, apartment painters can do any of the following tasks: exterior painting; interior painting; foyer or lobby painting; painting common areas; painting patios, balconies or decks; wallpaper removal; popcorn ceiling removal; prep work, and many others.

Whether you are a tenant or an apartment manager who has made the critical mistake of hiring the wrong painter in the past, you may consider these tips to ensure you the right commercial painters in Bay Area for your next apartment re-painting project.