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Pros and Cons of Buying the Paint When Doing Interior Painting in Concord

Pros and Cons of Buying the Paint When Doing Interior Painting in Concord

Interior painting in Concord can be anyone’s business: it can be done by you as a DIY painter, or by a professional painter. But if you have finally decided to hire a professional painter, there are many things to consider.

Aside from making sure of getting the best contractor to paint your home, you may probably find yourself asking if you should purchase the paint before the paint project begins, or if you should rely on the pros to buy it. Well, you are not alone. Other homeowners also face confusion too often in finding the answer to this dilemma. Buying your own paints may give you freedom, flexibility, and the possibility of getting good deals or discounts. However, having the pros to supply the paints may also allow you to benefit greatly from their knowledge, experience, and expertise on the various paint products. It also gives you convenience and saves you from stress over choosing the best paint colors, finishes, etc., as well as locating the best supplier or vendor. Plus, professional painters often enjoy supplier discounts when they purchase the paints that they will use for their projects.

Advantages of buying your own paint

There is a lot of advantages of buying your own paint. It can give you a sense of control over the project. If hiring a professional painter gives you the sense of losing control over the project, buying the paint would help you retain that control. Besides, you may already have an idea how much paint is already there at home and ready for use when your contractor comes to paint.

It also gives you control over the brand and the pricing of paint, especially if you are on a budget. You can even get the warehouse or facility to choose good deals and discounts.

Disadvantages of buying your own paint

While there are advantages of buying your own paint, there are also some drawbacks. You may have scored the cheapest paints or paints that have the biggest price slashes, but are they up to the professional painter’s standards? Often, the paint products that cater to the DIY painters do not stand up to professional-grade paints from reputable brands such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

A lot of professional painters have become loyal to one brand or vendor, so they have become familiar with the best paint products for particular applications. Over time, they are also likely to have mastered in applying these particular products. However, not all paint products in the market can be applied in the same way or on the same surfaces. If you supply your own paints that are different to what your professional painting contractor is familiar with, he may find it difficult to apply or have to apply it quite differently. This may take time for the contractor to acquaint himself with the new product, which, in turn, would potentially create delays to the completion of the project.

Advantages of having the contractor supply the paint

One of the most important benefits of having the professional painting contractor to provide the paint is convenience. When you hire a professional painter, you can expect that they have a high level of knowledge and expertise on the best paint products and applications. By allowing the pros to supply the paint, you can save a lot of time and effort that comes with selecting paints, bargaining with the store manager, and finding a reliable paint store that sells your preferred quality or brand of paint.

Another benefit of having the pros to supply the paint is that they have long-established relationships with their vendors. This allows them access to the best paints, which the pros can purchase at best possible prices.

So, considering all the factors mentioned, would you still want to buy your own paint, or have the professional painting contractors supply the paint for your project? At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether or not to supply the paint by yourself or having the professional contractors provide the paint for your project.

However, keep in mind that you will be able to save time, money, and effort if you let the pros do the selecting and purchasing paints for interior painting in Concord. In addition, it will save you from potential frustrations that you would experience if you shop for the paint products yourself.


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