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Tools to Make House Painting in Concord Go Quicker

Tools to Make House Painting in Concord Go Quicker

House painting in Concord can sometimes be a real drag or hassle. You may need specific tools and tips to do your painting job faster. You can find some incredibly ingenious tools that will enable you to do your painting job with much less time and with great results.

Want less hassle in picking out tools when preparing and painting surfaces? Perhaps the 6-in-1 tool will be your solution! As the name suggests, the 6-in-1 tool has tools every person involved in do-it-yourself work needs – a hammer, scraper, knife, spreader, nail-puller, and roller cleaner. You can also use it as a screwdriver, a tape sealer, and paint can opener, as well as a beer can opener (after you’ve finished painting for the day). It conveniently fits into your back pocket so you don’t have to bother holding it while stepping up the ladder. The 6-and-1 tool will definitely become one of your favorite tools.

A roller is pretty much needed when you’re about to paint wider surfaces. To make the painting job go much faster by choosing an 18″ roller which will support a thicker nap. Besides holding much more paint that will result in more paint coverage, a thicker nap will allow paint to fill the tiny holes of a textured surface (such as stucco). A roller which holds more paint means less time in refilling. You may also make roller painting less of a chore by choosing a roller frame with a soft grip handle.

If you want a faster, more convenient way to paint with your roller, a roller screen is strongly recommended. This simple-looking tool will also help make your job look more professional. Also called a bucket grid, it fits in any 5-gallon paint bucket and has hooks which will latch onto the bucket lid. After fitting the roller screen into the bucket, fill half of the bucket with paint. Dip the roller into the bucket, and when the roller is loaded with paint, roll it against the screen to remove any excess paint. Then you’re on the way to roll the surface – the result is an even finish. Chances are, if you use a roller screen, you’ll never use a messy paint tray again!

Prepping seems like a lot of hassle, but this is the key to a good paint finish, so it’s worth the trouble. Keep those crisp lines or protect areas (such as trim, doors, and window frames) where you don’t want paint by using a high-quality paint tape. FrogTape (Delicate or Multi-Surface) or Scotch 3M Multi-Use tape is good for this purpose.

Imagine seeing a lot more surface flaws than you expected — this is definitely a frustrating sight. When you’ve got to fill them all, you would rather choose a quick drying spackling paste or any filler. You don’t have to wait any longer for it to dry out. By the time you’ve finished filling the last of the holes and cracks, the first ones you applied filler two will have most likely already dried. Now you’re ready to sand off the excess dried filler if necessary. Hopefully your walls won’t suffer that many imperfections, but in case they do, quick-drying filler is the solution.

Having problems cutting in around windows and molding or other awkward areas? Are you dealing with removing older strange paint?  Use a paint pad! It will result in producing a neat finish, and will also allow you to forego masking or taping which will save you so much effort and time.

These are just of the few ideas to make your house painting in Concord go quicker. Of course, if your time is important to you, hiring a licensed painter will free up your time considerably.


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